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July 05, 2006

Birthday Bananza

Whata night, so much I could talk about but so little effort to type it all out, must be my old age.

So it was kind of a joint party for Louise (20), Claire (21), and me (20). started off with meeting everyone in Spoons and it did actually look like everyone was out it was so cool. Bumped into Clur and Co too. We deicded that a borthday shot was in order and so I was sent to buy anything I fancied. I cam back with 3 shots of Ray & Nepthew Rum, yerr, we wont be having that again, we all had to stand outside for a couple of minutes to get over it lol. As usual we ended up in Sugar, had SOOOO much fun. Also all the photos are up under B'days so have a look around, there all pretty funny.

February 01, 2006

Sugar 31.1

Was a great night. Unlike every other time we went to Moo first and then stayed there till Sugar. Claire got the bloke she met in Mirage to come up. Turns out hes from Warwick and is on the same football team as Scott, my house mate, small world. I ended having 12 vodaks + mixers before Sugar so I was up for a good night. Claire thought that it was the 1st time shes seen me properly drunk without her being as drunk too (I dont believe this but there we go).

Met Llyody and Phil who are mates from my old school who I havent seen for like 3yrs, so was great to see them again. I also learnt how much of a lightweight Issy is, after 3 drinks she was gone lol. But like i say was a great night, only downer on the night was that our boiler at the house seems to have given up so it was a cold night.

As always photos are up in Winter 05/06

January 16, 2006


Ok so its been a while so i'll give you a run down of the week:

A per usual we had a trip to Sugar, was a cool night though numbers were low of the round as many had gone back to uni. The dream team (me & Claire) were out having it large. Claire decided to bring her uni mates from Cov to sample the delights of Sugar. Left pretty early for us about 1.30ish, I decided to stay with another group of people but gave my coat away to Fiona. This proved to be a stupid idea when I decided to leave, as it was seriously cold, so I ran home lol.

Most of the day was spent doing our Business Proposal. The deadline got extended though as groupwise decided to throw its dolly out the pram. Spent the afternoon looking around houses with Scott and the girls, found a really nice one with 6 double beds that was only a few pounds more than we pay at the moment. Sadly when we rang up it had gone already.

Went to work as usual and spen most of my time in Smiths talking to Claire. Went out for the night which didnt go to plan but was good anyways. Was meant to meet Charlie at 8. Did the gentlemen thing by sayin I would wait outside for her so I text her on the way but got no reply. Claire met me at 8 instead and said we should go to the lounge for a change, but I said I had to waot for Charlie. Now at this point Claire told me Charlie text her saying she wasnt gonna be out till 9, so if I haddnt met up with Claire I would have been stood outside of spoons in the cold for an hour. Turns out that my phone had a fall out with Charlie's and that she text me in the day saying she was going to be till late, but my phone didnt tell me. Turns out also that the text I sent her was sent 3 times, so she thought I was gettin pissed off with her lol. Yey Vodafone, please remind me why I pay you lots of money every month again? Went to a few pubs, didnt make Rios though but still good night all in all.

Went into town to cheer Charlie up as she wasnt having a good day, then went to work to find that my lab had no supervisor in it so I decided to work. Turns out to be a good thing as I got paid overtime, plus a call out charge and a bottle of bucks fizz, Bargin! Kept running out into Smiths (think their manager is gettin pissed off with me now). Gave Charlie a lift home then met everyone in the Well for our weekly pub quizz, didnt win this week either but theres always next week.

Now I wont be able todo the next 4 Sugars as I have lab work at 9 every Wednesday and getting up at 7 after leavin Sugar at 3 doesnt seem to be too much of a good idea.

January 04, 2006

Sugar 4.1.06

So, the 1st Sugar of 2006. Had a really good time, we started off in Spoons and then quickly moved on to Moo where we stayed until Sugar. Didnt buy any drinks in sugar as I think I had enough to drink. I had a really goodtime, though seemed that every girl in Sugar was havin a bit of emotional problems so I spent some time looking after my friends lol. We left pretty early for us, I got back at about 2.30, shickin I know.

Woke up and had a phone call from Woolley who had pulled a girl from Warwick Uni and went back to the Uni and then couldnt find the bus to get back to Leam in the mornin. So I had to collect him, by the time I got to him he was already as the cross roads and must have walked a few miles lol. Then met up with Claire, Becky and Izzy and spent the rest of the day with them. Was a good day, nice to just chill for abit. Back to uni tomorrow yey, not actually looking forward to it must though.

Oh another thing. Would just like to say well done to Charlie for passing her driving test.

December 28, 2005


Started off in The Well (for a change), isnt as busy anymore as everyone is tryin to boycott The Well because they've moved pound night to Monday. Claire said that she wasnt going to mix drinks or drink till Sugar. Turns out she had a drink waiting for her when she got there lol. Met up with everyone before we moved up to Spoons. Had a few drinks in Spoons and then off to Sugar. By then Claire was completely hammered (again, for a change), Charlie on the otherhand, no drinking all night (hat off to ya chuck) Ive done sugar sober before and got bored, Charlie pulled it off though. We made it till 2.30 ish then we all went home. There was alot going on about Claire, Stuart, and The Well guy, but not going to talk about it as im still not sure what is going on lol.

We also all met up togo sales shopping today which was cool, have spent way too much as usual and Ive still got things to buy hehe.

Oh no photos, sorry my camera has died on my and is off on repairs, though I do have another one to use but forgot to take to sugar, sorry ;)

December 21, 2005

Sugar 20.12

Went off to Sugar again. Met up with Ell in The Well, where I bumped into the rest of the gang. It was nice to see the gang again and catch up. We waited for Ell's friend Charlotte and also Claire who missioned it from Reading bless her. See people now thats dedication. Matt came out with us too.

I decided not to drink too much because I didnt want to get thrown out of Sugar like last time (which Charlotte found really funny). Matt decided after gettin completely plastered to try it on with both Claire and Charlotte. So I spent most of the night keeping Matt away from Charlotte lol. There was also a bloke wearin a hat which she told me to save her from lol (Oh, I have a photo of you wearing his hat lol).

All in all was a really good night, got to see Woolley and Co too. Though didnt make 3, though we cames close. I have been out for 4 days in a row so was pretty knackered. Also bumped into Elaine's favourite bar man from Spoons in Sugar too.

Photos have gone up, remember there now all under Winter 05. Also the whole blogs server has just been updated and maintenance is currently going on so its going to be very slow for a few days, Sorry. Hope your all coming out on Xmas Eve, just for drinks as I have to get back home, give us a cal if you are.

Went into Smiths today to show everyone the photos from last night, Ell seemed perfectly fine. Claire on the otherhand wasnt doing too well and said see woke up pissed, lol. Charlotte though apparently turned up late and also didnt last the day, shocking. Obviously not hardcore enough lol (only joking chuck).

December 20, 2005

Catch Up (Again)

Right lots to talk about this week, Infact thats why I havent had chance to put anything up lately as I have no free time (cos thats never happened before). Right so where do we begin?

Was my works party, and for the 1st one I was actually very sober (compared to last year, hehe). Started off in The Lounge at 6.30, where everyone began to meet. Bumped into Sophie, who I havent seen for ages. Nicky and Lyn decided to gate crash the party which was cool. Jayne (Ass. Manager) turned up hammered. We headed off for our dinner at The Ruby at 9.30 where we did well not to get banned like last year (long story, and wasnt pretty either). I had to leave before the main course so that I could get into Rios I dragged Ben with me. Bumped into Dee, who I havent seen for nearly 3 years now, so was nice to catch up with her. Met Gary, Nicky and Lyn inside and also bumped into Susanna, Keely, Helen, and Charline. Had been ages since I was out with that lot, and Charline, haddent seen her for over 3 years now I guess. So was great to meet up with them. Stayed till 3 then went back to the uni house. Was a great night.

Claire persuaded me to go to The Well for the xmas quizz which was a laugh, again managed to bump into so many people from Leam, was great. I swear Claire had taken way too many E numbers before she came out. Met up with Fiona and Beccy too who I havent seen since goind back to uni. Spent the night in The Well and then drove back home at 1ish ready to get up for work at 7. Yey

Had to lose my car while it went to the bodyshop to get the dents the nice student put into it out. Felt weird not being able to get up and go when I want and relying on my parents again. It was Elaine's 21st yey (you old bugger) Finally got to met Alex (I was begining to think she made him up) seems like a really great bloke too bad hes not around longer think week would be cool to go out with the pair of them one night. We missed the last orders for dinner which wasnt too good as I haddnt eatten and had work in the mornin woo go me. Was great to finally get back and see Elaine in person rather than over the phone or MSN. Will be great to catch up this week, gonna go out Wednesday me thinks for the day yey. Was nice to see evryone else too, haddnt seen most of them since V's 21st. Chernie, lol, now he was funny, was so so drunk he kept falling over and doin very weird mouth movements while sleeping. Elaine too got rather hammered to, which was fun as both me and Alex got to take the piss, and has funny to see her drunk and not me for once. (Ive changed chuck). Sadly no photos as I forogot my camera

Well not over yet, but will be off to Sugar at somepoint, but gonna go to The Well 1st to see everyone else, Yey.

Hopefully get my car back tomorrow too Yey. I have to work from thursday to Saturday though :'( But I do get to go out with Ju, Elaine and everyone else on Xmas Eve and dad's paying the taxi home great. Also out on New years too, should be fun.

Anyways think Ive kinda rounded up the past few days. There are photos from some of the nights but havent had time to put them up, hopefully they'll go up tomorrow night some time.

December 15, 2005

Sugar 13.12.05

Was a good time to be had by all. Decided to walk around to Ell's and catch up with him as hes been at uni. We then went to The Well and waited for Claire, sat down for a bit and collected afew more people, then off to the Willaby then Sugar. Now I havent had a big night out for ages so I kinda new its was gonna be messy.

Bumped into Nicky in Sugar and danced with the group till about 2ish then got picked by a bouncer and then thrown out with James. Now I still have no idea what I had done wrong but I wasnt going to argue. So we then went home, Ell caught up with us, dont know what happened to the rest of them, Claire went home I think as I spoke to hear and she was at home.

So all in all a very good night out, lets hope my work party is as much fun on Saturday. If your out on Saturday give me a call I'll be heading down to Rios at some point. ;)

Oh photos should be up now too, they should be in a new gallery, Winter 05.

November 02, 2005

Sugar 01.11

Yes another great night out at sugar. We went out with the girls at 9.30ish and went straight to Moo, where i decided to down my 3 mixers, it seemed a good idea at the time. Then twas off to Sugar. Bumped into Claire as usual so spent some of the night in her group and the rest in the Rootes group. We had the Cov Vs. Warwick argument again where the guy she got to bck her up was from Warwick. lol. Think we won that one, oh saw Chloe to and I think Anna but I got dragged away so I cant be 100% sure it was her.

Thursday tomorrow which means Eliane will be comin bck, yey. So massive house tidy has been planned and every1 needs to be on best behaviour, yes james this does mean you cant try and hit on her ;)

Oh photos are up too, might have to start organising them better and taking some down as there too many up there ands its starting to show when you download the page.

October 26, 2005

Sugar 25/10

Was a really good nightout, started off in the Well where I met up with Claire and did the usual Warwick Vs Coventry Uni Rant, then went off to Sugar. Not before puttin a fire out in a bin outside pizza hut. After we put the fire out we flagged down a fire engine who decided to put it out again (we didnt do the best job). Claire saw this as a photo opportunity more than anything with the fire crew. We also tried to get a lift to Sugar in the fire engine as we kinda put the fire out beofre they got there.

Got to sugar early so it was kinda empty, soon picked up though. Bumped into loads of people, decided to have a go at Anna because Scott kept complainin tht hes was always ignored. Thinkin now, I think I could of been a bit more tactful ;) Bumped in to the B'day girl Clare (without the I). Was a really good night.

I did start drinking but was very restrained and have now decided that I am going to cut down to like 1 or 2 drinks for a night out, this way I can save money, and repair my image too, am also thinkin of stoppin drink altogether but gonna do a wk or so on a small amount of drink and c wht happens 1st though.

Tis a Wednesday which means not long till im off to Sunny (wishfull thinking) Aber. Of which I have jst been informed has nothing todo barr walk up a hill. hmm Will have to show them how Warwick do things me thinks ;)

Oh yerr I took loads of photos but Im thinkin tht I need to re-organise the gallery or might even put them sumwhere else, so watch this space

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