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February 19, 2006

Rios 18.2.06

ANother great night. Didnt strat off too well as I had been looking forward to going to Rio's for the whole day at work, but when I got there Claire and Co said that they werent going to Rio's.

However I bumped into Julie, her brother and Vanessa so I deicided to go with them. It was Lucinder's B'day so I was planning on getting into Rio's with her as we would skip the queue and get free entry. But the girls wanted to get in before then so we had to pay. We left after I had polished off a bottle of Rose and a very Dry white wine, plus some other bits n bobs. I also bumped into the Pizza Hut crew but I couldnt get them to come with us.

The usual thing happened in Rio's we danced the night away. Barr one thing, when I went to the toilet I got offered sum pills (do I look like I need pills people?) Decided to tell Chris (owner of Rios) and turns out the bloke got done for possession. Chris took me away later on to get all my details as apparently the police might wanna talk to me (how exciting lol). But all-in-all a very good night. As always photos are up, there under Home Sweet Home this time though.

January 22, 2006

Rios 21.1.06

Had been a while since I went to Rios but still, was a great night. Started out with the girls from Harri's house and a bit of a pub crawl around leam. Sophie and Lucy joined us later on. Everyone got well, drunk would be a slight under statement I think.

There were afew intreasting moments there. But still was a great night. Sophie spent most of the night tryin to convience us all that she wasnt drunk, failed big style. Oh and we also popped James' Rios cherry think he had a great night but still not too sure about Rios lol.

Woke up with a slight hangover and went into town for a bit, brought the new Jimmy Carr DVD which is great. Oh also theres been a huge cockup with ITS and everyone now has to change all their uni passwords or end up like me not being able to login to anything. go ITS.

January 16, 2006


Ok so its been a while so i'll give you a run down of the week:

A per usual we had a trip to Sugar, was a cool night though numbers were low of the round as many had gone back to uni. The dream team (me & Claire) were out having it large. Claire decided to bring her uni mates from Cov to sample the delights of Sugar. Left pretty early for us about 1.30ish, I decided to stay with another group of people but gave my coat away to Fiona. This proved to be a stupid idea when I decided to leave, as it was seriously cold, so I ran home lol.

Most of the day was spent doing our Business Proposal. The deadline got extended though as groupwise decided to throw its dolly out the pram. Spent the afternoon looking around houses with Scott and the girls, found a really nice one with 6 double beds that was only a few pounds more than we pay at the moment. Sadly when we rang up it had gone already.

Went to work as usual and spen most of my time in Smiths talking to Claire. Went out for the night which didnt go to plan but was good anyways. Was meant to meet Charlie at 8. Did the gentlemen thing by sayin I would wait outside for her so I text her on the way but got no reply. Claire met me at 8 instead and said we should go to the lounge for a change, but I said I had to waot for Charlie. Now at this point Claire told me Charlie text her saying she wasnt gonna be out till 9, so if I haddnt met up with Claire I would have been stood outside of spoons in the cold for an hour. Turns out that my phone had a fall out with Charlie's and that she text me in the day saying she was going to be till late, but my phone didnt tell me. Turns out also that the text I sent her was sent 3 times, so she thought I was gettin pissed off with her lol. Yey Vodafone, please remind me why I pay you lots of money every month again? Went to a few pubs, didnt make Rios though but still good night all in all.

Went into town to cheer Charlie up as she wasnt having a good day, then went to work to find that my lab had no supervisor in it so I decided to work. Turns out to be a good thing as I got paid overtime, plus a call out charge and a bottle of bucks fizz, Bargin! Kept running out into Smiths (think their manager is gettin pissed off with me now). Gave Charlie a lift home then met everyone in the Well for our weekly pub quizz, didnt win this week either but theres always next week.

Now I wont be able todo the next 4 Sugars as I have lab work at 9 every Wednesday and getting up at 7 after leavin Sugar at 3 doesnt seem to be too much of a good idea.

January 01, 2006

New Years

Well we went out with a bang. We started off in Spoons at 8 with Claire and her sis, shortly followed by Becky and the rest of the gang. We decided that we should get most of our drinking done before Rios as it was cheaper, so 2 bottles of cheap wine, 4 pitchers, 2 double vodkas and coke we were ready for Rios.

Got to Rios by 10.30 and spent the whole night there, Lou was wasted before we got into Rios so I spent 30min looking after her and getting her to drink as much water as she could. Have to say probably the best New Years so far. Everyone started to leave around half two. I walked home on my todd :'( though decided to ring everyone in my phone book and say happy new year, even said happy new year to the Vodafone helpline lol. Got as far as E and then gave up.

Woke up at 8 and didnt have a hangover at alll, loving the drink2 litres of water before you pass out method. Drove into town to see Charlie, and take the mick for working on New Years day. Have to say she didnt look rough or anything, though was yawning every 30 sec.

Again no photos as my camera is still out of action, though Lou was taking photos so I'll try and get a copy at some point. I hope everyone is out on Tuesday, its the last Sugar before me and Claire go back to uni (not that it makes much difference) and hopefully someone will have something to celebrate too ;)

December 20, 2005

Catch Up (Again)

Right lots to talk about this week, Infact thats why I havent had chance to put anything up lately as I have no free time (cos thats never happened before). Right so where do we begin?

Was my works party, and for the 1st one I was actually very sober (compared to last year, hehe). Started off in The Lounge at 6.30, where everyone began to meet. Bumped into Sophie, who I havent seen for ages. Nicky and Lyn decided to gate crash the party which was cool. Jayne (Ass. Manager) turned up hammered. We headed off for our dinner at The Ruby at 9.30 where we did well not to get banned like last year (long story, and wasnt pretty either). I had to leave before the main course so that I could get into Rios I dragged Ben with me. Bumped into Dee, who I havent seen for nearly 3 years now, so was nice to catch up with her. Met Gary, Nicky and Lyn inside and also bumped into Susanna, Keely, Helen, and Charline. Had been ages since I was out with that lot, and Charline, haddent seen her for over 3 years now I guess. So was great to meet up with them. Stayed till 3 then went back to the uni house. Was a great night.

Claire persuaded me to go to The Well for the xmas quizz which was a laugh, again managed to bump into so many people from Leam, was great. I swear Claire had taken way too many E numbers before she came out. Met up with Fiona and Beccy too who I havent seen since goind back to uni. Spent the night in The Well and then drove back home at 1ish ready to get up for work at 7. Yey

Had to lose my car while it went to the bodyshop to get the dents the nice student put into it out. Felt weird not being able to get up and go when I want and relying on my parents again. It was Elaine's 21st yey (you old bugger) Finally got to met Alex (I was begining to think she made him up) seems like a really great bloke too bad hes not around longer think week would be cool to go out with the pair of them one night. We missed the last orders for dinner which wasnt too good as I haddnt eatten and had work in the mornin woo go me. Was great to finally get back and see Elaine in person rather than over the phone or MSN. Will be great to catch up this week, gonna go out Wednesday me thinks for the day yey. Was nice to see evryone else too, haddnt seen most of them since V's 21st. Chernie, lol, now he was funny, was so so drunk he kept falling over and doin very weird mouth movements while sleeping. Elaine too got rather hammered to, which was fun as both me and Alex got to take the piss, and has funny to see her drunk and not me for once. (Ive changed chuck). Sadly no photos as I forogot my camera

Well not over yet, but will be off to Sugar at somepoint, but gonna go to The Well 1st to see everyone else, Yey.

Hopefully get my car back tomorrow too Yey. I have to work from thursday to Saturday though :'( But I do get to go out with Ju, Elaine and everyone else on Xmas Eve and dad's paying the taxi home great. Also out on New years too, should be fun.

Anyways think Ive kinda rounded up the past few days. There are photos from some of the nights but havent had time to put them up, hopefully they'll go up tomorrow night some time.

November 06, 2005

Rios 5.11

Ahh, yes back to Rios, after several weeks away from the kingdom of cheese. Went into town with Mackie and Scott and met up with Ju and Vanessa. After having a few drinks in Spoons we went to Yates for another one, where I bumped into Helen and Keely, havent seen them for ages.

Afterwards was off to Rios for what was a great night, danced for most of it and then went home, after paying for Ju's taxi and giving Vanessa my shoes so I walked back without my shoes and got back home with black socks. Me and Vanessa stayed up and walked for a bit before going to sleep and then in the morning dropped V off on the way to uni.

Spent from 3 till 6 in F211, finishing our presentation which if do say so if looking damn good. Again Ben we all owe you one for the work you put in, cheers mate.

It was nice to be back out with people from back home, brought back many memories from the summer and I cant wait till everyone is back for christmas. Oh and We've deicided to have a house party this Saturday so come along if you can, should be a laugh. I'll be bringing it up again later on this week I guess. Talking of nights out can people try and keep 17th free, which is a Thursday for the engineers night out, its gonna be great ;)

Oh photos are up too :P

September 11, 2005

Back to Rios

Well after quite a large break it was bck to Rios for buckets of cheese, started out in Spoons where we all met up and started on the old drinks, by the time we left i went through 2–3 pitchers (I think). Saw Jenni, yey, with her bf, boo. I dont think he likes me cos he tried to put me through a window at the union. Found Dennis hidin in the corner who went to Sugar, why? Why Sugar on a Saturday its ok on Tuesday cos its cheap the the rest of the wk theres no point.

Got into Rios and found Chris had a chat and tried to organise stuff for next wk but hes not here, so tht kinda pissed on my bonfire. Danced the night away as usual, had a few more drinks and bumped into sum more old friends and then headed bck to Ell's to sleep. Was sick on the way home, which was a gd thing cos I left fine afterwards but I wont be gettin in tht state nxt wk Im gonna make sure.

All in all a very good night, will be the last time I see sum ppl as everyone has started going bck to uni now. Though as I thought tht element was missin, missin you loads Elaine and Vanessa ;)

Oh and theres loads of photos this time, jst to make up for last time, though would like to point out I was very drunk and cannot be held responsible for my actions.

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