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October 14, 2005

Mirage, oh sorry Evolve 13/10

Another great night out at Mirage, for those who didnt, shame on you! Started out in The Well with the hockey social in full swing and then off to Mirage. We had Nicky's B'day there too was a great night bumped into loads of people got slightly drunk, not overly drunk as Raahda thought, I was more merry than drunk. lol. Oh, and if your wondering where the photos are, well there werent any, we had another technical fault eg. I forgot to take the camera out again, have no fear I will remember nxt time.

Ive kept the running up so far and gonna start expanding the route next week as its not really a challenge so far. Ive decided that Im also gonna cut down on the number of nights out (yep, I didnt think I would hear those words coming from my mouth either), Im doing this for lots of reasons, 1st of money is a little on the low side, and I think I spend way to much time out and have work to catch up on. Also im gonna cut down on the number of drinks I have when out anyways, I know that i can still have a great time without gettin plastered, and lastly, I might eeven stop going out on Saturdays, yerr thought tht might shock ya ;)

Lastly I hope you havin a great wkend Elaine, and remember dont wear him out too quickly, or you'll be bored for the remaing few days ;) have fun though chuck.

September 30, 2005

Mirage, oh sorry Evolve

Ok was the 1st time I got go to Mirage since the changes. I was putting it off as everyone from Leam said it was crap, but I have to say it was a good night, ok granted the amount of alcohol many have had something todo with it but it was a good night.

Got to meet a few people I haddnt seem since last year. Louise was, well hammered, I think thts the best description I can give. Bumped into Dennis who I think wanted to hit me after I made all of his bottled beers (4) fizz up and went down his top, wasnt too impessed. But it was a great night, even better was that I had no lectures till 2 so I had a big lyin and had no hangover. Great.

I was meant to meet up with Lou (from Leam) to say bye before she went off to uni, but i ran out of time, Sorry chuck. Also Jenni have fun at uni, shes a fresher and off to Essex uni on Saturday, have fun you'll love it. Were all off to Skool Dayz, tomorrow night so I expect to see many of you there.

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