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December 10, 2005

STOP Thief!!!!

Ok so went to work today. The day didnt start out to well when my dad wakes me up and asking "you going to work today?" when the time is 8:40 now, I have tobe at work by about 8:30 so was kinda behind schedule shall we say.

Anyways the day got alot better till the end when we had sum bloke try and nick a £800 camera. Now my boss who was serving hi m is kinda old, well let jst say he was around when the wheel was something rich people had. Never the less he chased the bloke and I followed suit. So we had an old mad shouting 'Oi bastard down the road' followed by me in a white lab suite looking like I'd justed escaped from a mental hospital. Now as I go running I thought I'd have a good change of keepin up, which I dd, followed closely behind by my boss. I decided to give the police an but date on the chase via my phone, which is harder than you think. So as we pass the cinema he trips ans drops the camera, we picked the camera up and gave up the chase as the police werent far behind, so we'll find out later if he got caught or not.

It did remind me of the scene out of Only Fools and Horses when Del abd Rodney chase that bloke down all the back roads and then ends up getting chased them selves. See Im not known for my height and this bloke was pretty tall, so if he'd of turned around then I'd start running the otherway lol. Did make for an eventful afternoon though :D

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