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January 16, 2006

Yey Pressies

Yey, got my christmas present off Elaine this morning. Got The Extras DVD which is great. Havent seen all of them so will be cool to watch them all, Im on the 2nd one already. tis great.

To make things even better I get my new phone in 2 weeks. Well when I decide which one to get. Now to everyone else this might not seem to be much of a mile stone but it is for me. Thing is, my old phone has a mind of its own. It sometimes deicdes to remind 6hrs later that Ive had a missed call. It falls out with other peoples phones and wont pick up other peoples messages (que Charlie's phone) or decides to send my messages many times to people's phones.

November 04, 2005

Short But Sweet

Ok, now you might think tht from the title its the sentance most used to describe me, lol, and you maybe right :P But it was Elaine's short visit to Leam before goin off to see Alex.

After being delayed to gd knows when she finally pulled into Leam at 9ish, was late so I cooked at home, again, I seem to always cooking for that one lol. Then we jst sat and watched Tv for a bit and took her home, doesnt sound like much but was nice to see her again.

Oh and hi to V, yerr we know you've been checking the blog, but no comments, shocking. ;)

October 30, 2005


Im bck, I bet you all missin me lol.

So went and spent the wkend with Elaine (not like tht, as many of u have been thinkin). After running from the lecture to the carpark and drivin like i was on a mission from God and gettin to the train station 30sec before the train was gonna leave, things got, well shit. Got to New Street Station to find my train had been cancelled and had to wait for an hour till I could get a train to Wolverhampton then to Aber. Got to Wolverhampton then had to run for the next train so was knackered. Anyways long story cut short, I got to Aber at 10ish instead of 6 which was when I planned to get there.

Elaine has such a cool house, really great house mates and a huge kitchen. We spent most of Friday night talking into the early hours, then I was up at 10/11ish and cleaned up the mess from dinner and waited for everyone to wake up, so at 2 everyone was up. We went for a walk on the seafront and around the village which was cool although slightly windy. We then went shoopin for food as I was cooking, got back messed around and then cooked dinner, Spog Bog, which turned out to be good in the end. We went and met one of Elaine's friends, who went to Binswood too. We stayed in a local pub till to where there was a live band who sung 70's, 80's and even green day.There was a weird bloke who kept sayin 'yee haa' after every song which was funny. Then went home and then chatted till about 5 and then was up for 10 and got ready and packed ready for my train. Didnt sleep at all so Im REALLY tired and have loads of work todo as I didnt get it all done on the train, yey how fun.

Twas a really cool wkend, gave me time to clear my head too and get ready for more uni work, yey how fun. Cant wait till i go again which wont be till the summer i think now. But Elaine is bck for the night on Thursday so I wont have to go long without her, still missin her loads though :'(

Oh, inthe rush for the train forgot to take my camera, so there no photos really, Elaine took sum which will go up when I get them.

September 18, 2005

Bye Bye

Jst a quick entry to say Bye Bye to Elaine and safe trip and I will speak to ya on MSN. Missin you already ;) Oh and I shall send the surprise in the post tomorrow if I remember.

Elaine's Last Day

Well after spending the whole week organising last night for everyone while they were all on holiday it ended up being only me and Elaine, which wasnt a bad thing, but would of been nice to have the whole group out for her last night. Oh well shit happens.

Spent the whole day with Elaine, went shopping for jeans and got clocked by a friend standing in New look and my excuse of 'Im out with Elaine' didnt work cos she ran off to the changing rooms lol. Went card shooping too, which turns out is harder than shopping for a pair of jeans. Oh Elaine got me to go to Mc Donalds which I havent been to for about 4yrs, and I have to say the food nolonger tastes of cardboard, but theres still room for improvement. We then got all grown up and sat down for a drink in Costas for a while and talked about flying oh and how alex has her mum's telephone number (hmm, I would be careful if I was you Elaine) then went to get my key for my house which was closed in the end damn them. Afterwards we went to see Elaine's horse which turns out tobe very unsociable, though Rodger the other horse was friendly and was great fun, havent been around horses for ages, brings bck some memories, Rodger then decided to follow us all the way back and then put on a sad face when we left, aww. Next stop was V's so try and bully her into coming out, yerr I obv forgot how stubben she can be lol. So ended up with jst me and Elaine going out. We decided for a change that a trip to the cinema on the bck rows would be a laugh, but 1st stopped off at mine for dinner. Sorry the food wasnt as good as last time Elaine, was thinkin on my feet. We left late, but I got us into Leam within 10min yerr new record, then spent another 15min looking for somewhere to park. We missed the start of 40yr old Virgin so decided to go watch The Man with the dad out of American Pie in which was really funny. After that took Elaine home and said our goodbyes :'( then went home and went to bed, couldnt sleep for whole night.

All in all it was a really good day, gave us time to spend some quality time together before we both went back to uni. It also got me thinking, afew weeks ago I had no idea who this girl was, ok 1st time I met her i thought we was crazy (still do to be fair) and now, weeks later Elaine has become my best friend in the world, and I hope we stay best friends for all of time. Hehe, sounds kinda soppy i know, but its all true, shes great fun all the time and when u need someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on shes there, plus I have the upmost respect and trust for her ;)

Gonna miss ya chuck ;)

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