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July 05, 2006

Birthday Bananza

Whata night, so much I could talk about but so little effort to type it all out, must be my old age.

So it was kind of a joint party for Louise (20), Claire (21), and me (20). started off with meeting everyone in Spoons and it did actually look like everyone was out it was so cool. Bumped into Clur and Co too. We deicded that a borthday shot was in order and so I was sent to buy anything I fancied. I cam back with 3 shots of Ray & Nepthew Rum, yerr, we wont be having that again, we all had to stand outside for a couple of minutes to get over it lol. As usual we ended up in Sugar, had SOOOO much fun. Also all the photos are up under B'days so have a look around, there all pretty funny.

July 02, 2006

Birthday Banaza

Its that time of year again where we have 3 birthdays in a row so I best put up the embarrasing photos.

1). HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUISE – 20 – on 3rd July

2). HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE – 21 – on 4th July

3) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME – 20 – on 5th July

April 03, 2006

Beccy's B'day

Went out for Beccy's b'day last saturday. Was loads of fun, bumped into lots of people from back home I havent seen for ages. Now that everyone or most of, are back from uni cant wait for sugar so that we can catch up.

As usual photos are up Here and for once I behaved myself and actually didnt get too drunk all at. People I think Im changing (and its not into a bad thing).

October 10, 2005

V's 21st

Sorry about the late entry but didnt get back home till Sunday and have only just got some spare time to add this entry plus photos.

So V's 21st, was one of the dates tht you have in your calender that you cant wait to come around, but actually takes ages to arrive. Was it a good night? answer yep, worth the wait had a great night. To fill you in we went to Broad st, Birmingham. Started out at V's where we had a few drinks and sum food (after i had dinner. lol) and Wow, how stunning was V lookin, made me look like i had but no effort in at all. lol. But yes VERY pretty. Next into a taxi, which was drive by have looked to be a women, but were never 100% sure. Got to Broad street and started out at the walkabout where we met sum of V's friends from Brum, and stayed for a bit to drink, we then bascially worked our way up Broad street, we met up with Elaine, Holly, and Ju who came later (they came from Ju's uni house) and continued on our travels. Followed by a rather violent trip of wht felt like all the speedbumps in England, oh yerr and Louise decided it would be a nice idea to show everyone the contents of her stomach on the way home in the taxi, cheers ;)

September 07, 2005

Plant Shoppin

Wow, another entry today, thts 3 in a day. Met up with my bestest friends in the world, Elaine and Vanessa. Spent most of the day tryin to find a present for Ju, and after about an hour we worked out that we were going to get her a plant, the rest of the day was spent searching for the plant, we went to M&S, then another flower show and the garden centre and back to the 1st place M&S (it was going to happen with Vanessa really wasnt it), then we had to decide which plant to go for, which was a long job, but we finally got it down to one, even after going towards the cash desk about 100 times with different plants. Once we worked out the type we wanted we then had to decide which one to take, this whole thing lasted from about 3 to jst after 5. Though was good fun was nice to get the group back together, had been a while.

One a bad note though, there all jetting of to Malaga for the week tomorrow which means im not gonna have either of my best friends here sobb but its only a week, it should go quickly (fingers crossed), then when they come back were all gonna go out for a big night, as its the last time before everyone heads back to uni, so Leam prepare yourself. I've even booked the whole day off work so that we can make the most of it. Got something to look forward to then :D

So girls, have a great holiday and I expect you all to be full refreshed, and ready for a big night out. Remember I want photos, and a postcard, hey even a stick of rock wouldnt go a miss ;) lol.

Happy B'day


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