December 05, 2005

Tis Great To Be Home

Like i said its great to be home, dont have to cook and the house is tidy. Also gives me some space to sit down and think on my own, something I havent had time todo for a while.

Spent most of the day working from home, how good is it to work from home? yey. Although there was some bad news, which I talked about yesturday things seem to be on the up. Should be goin to Sugar tomorrow with Claire which is usually a laugh, Im another day closer to Elaine comming back. Though one down point think I might have upset Vanessa, sorry hun was in a bit if a finny mood then. Cant wait to see your new house and u'll have to invite me over sometime and we can catch up.

Best part about being home? I get my bedroom back, my nice tidy bedroom with the best bed in the world. Its so so warm and soft.

December 04, 2005

Up One Mintue Down The Next

Jst found out my best mate's grandfather died today. Werid how one minute you can be fine, then the next your at the bottom again. Me and Ell go way back I met him in year 3, we were always around at each others house. I met his gradfather many times, he was a great bloke, a funny bloke, always saw the bright side of everything.

My heart goes out to you Ell, and your family, if theres anything I can do you know where I am.

RIP Ell's Grandfather.


Well thats it done, 10 weeks worth of uni all done, where the hell did that go? Has been a busy last week, have begun work on the carbonfoot print assignment and need to start the MATLAB stuff ( I have no idea how todo it thought). Hopefully I'll have them all finished within the next two weeks, so I a little business work todo and also need to go over the maths for the term. Yey.

Went to the ICE presentation on wednesday after gettin like 101 Emails from Hannah saying that it changed times cheers chuck. Thursday we finished lecturesand got most of the numbers for our balance sheets etc done with Dan. Friday didnt do much on campus, tried to losts of the carbonfoot print stuff but didnt get much done in the end. Oh went out for lunch with a few mates ebfore we all went home. Also heard on the grapevine that I missed a goodnight on Thursday night, damn.

Anyways guess I wont see many of you now till next year so all have a great christmas and happy new year. Hannah, hope you have a great time in Canada. Laura, hope your trip to Spain is relaxing. Amy, have a cool xmas with your mates, anf Nicky have a great time skiing, and try and behave :P

Also found out that a few people I know from engineering got beaten up on Friday night, hope you guys are ok, and I felt embarassed to live in Leam after reading this . I have to say after living in leam for many years ive never had anything like this happen to me or my mates. Makes me very angry grr.

Oh just before I finish, Ive lost my Warwick huddie this time :P think its in F211 so if anyone finds it hold on to it please. Think im loosing the plot now that I seem to loose something every week at uni lol. ;)

November 28, 2005

Wk 10

Wow, week 10 already, scary thought isnt it. Means in a weeks time I will have done a 1/3 of my degree, very scary stuff. So whats bin going on? Well not a lot lol. Few things I wanna clear up though.

1st off, Ive been really busy over the last few weeks so Im sorry if Ive been a bit short with a few of you or had ago, didnt mean to. Now things have started to wind down for xmas Ive had time for myself and have had time to reflect of a few things. Good news is im not confused anymore and I have a feeling its going tobe a good week, pls dont try and prove me wrong :P

Oh I managed to loose my folder for the 2nd time last week lol. Good news is some very nice person put it nxt to my pigeon hole so yey, its gonna be a good week like I say.

Hannah decided tht we should do a secret santa, lol so Ive gotta think of a present by Friday, answers on a postcard pls. ;)

November 21, 2005

Playing Catch up – Revised

Ok, sorry it been so long since I've up dated but the amount of stuff I had on my plate this week was jst silly.

So yerr there was loads of uni work todo which made me put in like 8–10 hr days where F211 became my new home, warmer than my uni one too lol.

Spent from 9.20 till 8ish on campus on Wednesday then got a phone call sayin tht my youngest brother had been in A&E overnight, so i drove Laura and Ben home, picked up my crash bag and then went to spend the night with my brother, good news was he was let out that night and so I went home for the night to keep him compnay and take the pressure of the folks.

Sunday, best day of the week by far. Me and Vanessa decided that we were gonna have a day out and so I cleared the old timetable for her. Picked her up at 2ish and had a cup of tea and bumped into her mum, who decided to swap cooking ideas with me lol. So we went back to mine, watched a bit of My, Myself and Irene. We then went to watch the lights bwing turned on in the cold, though I was wearing my ski jacket s odidnt feel the cold as much. Though I did offer it to Vanessa but she declined. After the lights goin on, an hour late may I add we went to Cov to see Saw II (I wanted to see Wallace & Gromit). V hid under my coat for like half the film. Had a quick bit to eat before the film at pizza hut.

This was also the 1st time which I've ever let someone else pay, though I brought dinner so I still kinda won lol :P. Last note V is thinking of getting her hair cut short. Now I think you look at lot better with long hair, and stunning with your natural curls in it. Anyways thought i best point that out, oh and cheers for the day was really fun and like I said we'll do it again (like next week if you want).

Thought I should add this bit too. After Sunday it did make me think, I really do miss having Vanessa and Elaine around me. We had great nights out over the summer and I miss them :'(. Like I said I really did enjoy Sunday and brought back some very happy memories which I hope there will be more of.

November 08, 2005

Yey Presentation Done :D

Has been a mixed day. Managed to loose my folder at some point going from MS02 to Rootes Bar, hard I know but still I managed it :P We did our upper level pitch today went really well, we did looklike a proper business group, i thought it was good fun and again special thanks to Ben and Laura for doing the speaking.

Change of plan on the old house party, its going tobe a week this Saturday as I didnt know about Skool Dayz being on this wkend.

And can someone please point out that I can cook as there is someone out there that says all men cant cook ( I think you know who you are ;) ) Oh and if anyone does find my folder can I have it back, its gonna be expensive reprinting all that work. Remember nxt Thursday we're out for dinner and mirage engineers. Also im gonna take everyone from my business group out for a drink so please try and find a free slot for me ;)

November 06, 2005

Rios 5.11

Ahh, yes back to Rios, after several weeks away from the kingdom of cheese. Went into town with Mackie and Scott and met up with Ju and Vanessa. After having a few drinks in Spoons we went to Yates for another one, where I bumped into Helen and Keely, havent seen them for ages.

Afterwards was off to Rios for what was a great night, danced for most of it and then went home, after paying for Ju's taxi and giving Vanessa my shoes so I walked back without my shoes and got back home with black socks. Me and Vanessa stayed up and walked for a bit before going to sleep and then in the morning dropped V off on the way to uni.

Spent from 3 till 6 in F211, finishing our presentation which if do say so if looking damn good. Again Ben we all owe you one for the work you put in, cheers mate.

It was nice to be back out with people from back home, brought back many memories from the summer and I cant wait till everyone is back for christmas. Oh and We've deicided to have a house party this Saturday so come along if you can, should be a laugh. I'll be bringing it up again later on this week I guess. Talking of nights out can people try and keep 17th free, which is a Thursday for the engineers night out, its gonna be great ;)

Oh photos are up too :P

November 04, 2005

*Calling All 2nd Yr Engineers*

After a quick chat with Hannah we've decided that it would be a nice idea for a group of us to out for dinner somewhere and then dance the night away either in Leam or at the union. Somehow I've stepped up to the challenge or organising the night, yerr cos this is gonna be an easy task :P

Anyways I'll probably start asking people next week so I can get a feel for numbers for booking dinner etc. If you cant make dinner or dont want to you can catch us all in a club or something like that. Date wise, we were thinking 2 wks yesturday, which would be…. 17th November. Should be a good luagh so if you can make it. Like I say i'll be asking most of you all on Monday.

Oh and on a side note, would just like to say congrats to Laura for finding her keys that she lost, the key that she FOUND in her gym bag, :P dont think I need to say anymore lol. ;)

Short But Sweet

Ok, now you might think tht from the title its the sentance most used to describe me, lol, and you maybe right :P But it was Elaine's short visit to Leam before goin off to see Alex.

After being delayed to gd knows when she finally pulled into Leam at 9ish, was late so I cooked at home, again, I seem to always cooking for that one lol. Then we jst sat and watched Tv for a bit and took her home, doesnt sound like much but was nice to see her again.

Oh and hi to V, yerr we know you've been checking the blog, but no comments, shocking. ;)

November 02, 2005

Sugar 01.11

Yes another great night out at sugar. We went out with the girls at 9.30ish and went straight to Moo, where i decided to down my 3 mixers, it seemed a good idea at the time. Then twas off to Sugar. Bumped into Claire as usual so spent some of the night in her group and the rest in the Rootes group. We had the Cov Vs. Warwick argument again where the guy she got to bck her up was from Warwick. lol. Think we won that one, oh saw Chloe to and I think Anna but I got dragged away so I cant be 100% sure it was her.

Thursday tomorrow which means Eliane will be comin bck, yey. So massive house tidy has been planned and every1 needs to be on best behaviour, yes james this does mean you cant try and hit on her ;)

Oh photos are up too, might have to start organising them better and taking some down as there too many up there ands its starting to show when you download the page.

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