July 05, 2006

Birthday Bananza

Whata night, so much I could talk about but so little effort to type it all out, must be my old age.

So it was kind of a joint party for Louise (20), Claire (21), and me (20). started off with meeting everyone in Spoons and it did actually look like everyone was out it was so cool. Bumped into Clur and Co too. We deicded that a borthday shot was in order and so I was sent to buy anything I fancied. I cam back with 3 shots of Ray & Nepthew Rum, yerr, we wont be having that again, we all had to stand outside for a couple of minutes to get over it lol. As usual we ended up in Sugar, had SOOOO much fun. Also all the photos are up under B'days so have a look around, there all pretty funny.

July 02, 2006

Birthday Banaza

Its that time of year again where we have 3 birthdays in a row so I best put up the embarrasing photos.

1). HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUISE – 20 – on 3rd July

2). HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE – 21 – on 4th July

3) HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME – 20 – on 5th July

May 10, 2006

Bridge Work

Ive put up the photos of our bridge. The good news was it took the design load of 54 bricks and we made about 100 or so bricks. However it did fail in the end because a clip fell of the end. We didnt meet the maximum deflection of 10mm, we passed that after the 1st 10 bricks of so. lol

April 10, 2006

The Well

OK there was a huge turn out this week, we had like 400 people on the team. I didnt really take part in the quizz and sat with ell and co at the back because I was really tired. But to top it off we got 12 out of 12 on the sports round. So we got the minute behind the bar which was great! Though i was on the coke as I was driving, wow. We also broke the record, held by Mario of 21 pints, we hit 30, yerr I admitt there was a small bit of cheating involved, like having several people helping out. But still Issy well done.

For the rest of the week, well theres bin a huge pile of revision with proper wrk thrown in too. Saturday night was… well… errr… fun to say the least lol. I bumped into so many people it was great and it was fun for other reasons lol. I shall say no more :P

April 03, 2006

Beccy's B'day

Went out for Beccy's b'day last saturday. Was loads of fun, bumped into lots of people from back home I havent seen for ages. Now that everyone or most of, are back from uni cant wait for sugar so that we can catch up.

As usual photos are up Here and for once I behaved myself and actually didnt get too drunk all at. People I think Im changing (and its not into a bad thing).

March 21, 2006


Ok, yes I know this is a bit late, but i was never the sharpest tool in the tool box. Plus, speed isn't everything i've been told.

For those of you who know what me and my friends are like; sad, fun, loud, alcoholics, just to name a few. On a Sunday we always end up down at The Well for the weelky quizz, seriously if you haven't been its only a quid and its a laugh. Anyways, we normally end up comming 4th (thts one off from winning a prize). but this week, well we were on fire. Until the sports round that was. But we ended up comming 2nd, yes people we won (kinda) so thats, more ticket for bowling and tickets to the cinema.

But like I say you should come on down, give it a go its always a laugh and its a nice way to chill out before the week starts.

February 19, 2006

Rios 18.2.06

ANother great night. Didnt strat off too well as I had been looking forward to going to Rio's for the whole day at work, but when I got there Claire and Co said that they werent going to Rio's.

However I bumped into Julie, her brother and Vanessa so I deicided to go with them. It was Lucinder's B'day so I was planning on getting into Rio's with her as we would skip the queue and get free entry. But the girls wanted to get in before then so we had to pay. We left after I had polished off a bottle of Rose and a very Dry white wine, plus some other bits n bobs. I also bumped into the Pizza Hut crew but I couldnt get them to come with us.

The usual thing happened in Rio's we danced the night away. Barr one thing, when I went to the toilet I got offered sum pills (do I look like I need pills people?) Decided to tell Chris (owner of Rios) and turns out the bloke got done for possession. Chris took me away later on to get all my details as apparently the police might wanna talk to me (how exciting lol). But all-in-all a very good night. As always photos are up, there under Home Sweet Home this time though.

February 01, 2006

Sugar 31.1

Was a great night. Unlike every other time we went to Moo first and then stayed there till Sugar. Claire got the bloke she met in Mirage to come up. Turns out hes from Warwick and is on the same football team as Scott, my house mate, small world. I ended having 12 vodaks + mixers before Sugar so I was up for a good night. Claire thought that it was the 1st time shes seen me properly drunk without her being as drunk too (I dont believe this but there we go).

Met Llyody and Phil who are mates from my old school who I havent seen for like 3yrs, so was great to see them again. I also learnt how much of a lightweight Issy is, after 3 drinks she was gone lol. But like i say was a great night, only downer on the night was that our boiler at the house seems to have given up so it was a cold night.

As always photos are up in Winter 05/06

January 27, 2006

Evolve 26.1.06

Ok sorry havent got time to give you a run down of last night, I will try and update it later on. Photos are now up ;)

January 22, 2006

Rios 21.1.06

Had been a while since I went to Rios but still, was a great night. Started out with the girls from Harri's house and a bit of a pub crawl around leam. Sophie and Lucy joined us later on. Everyone got well, drunk would be a slight under statement I think.

There were afew intreasting moments there. But still was a great night. Sophie spent most of the night tryin to convience us all that she wasnt drunk, failed big style. Oh and we also popped James' Rios cherry think he had a great night but still not too sure about Rios lol.

Woke up with a slight hangover and went into town for a bit, brought the new Jimmy Carr DVD which is great. Oh also theres been a huge cockup with ITS and everyone now has to change all their uni passwords or end up like me not being able to login to anything. go ITS.

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