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October 30, 2005


Im bck, I bet you all missin me lol.

So went and spent the wkend with Elaine (not like tht, as many of u have been thinkin). After running from the lecture to the carpark and drivin like i was on a mission from God and gettin to the train station 30sec before the train was gonna leave, things got, well shit. Got to New Street Station to find my train had been cancelled and had to wait for an hour till I could get a train to Wolverhampton then to Aber. Got to Wolverhampton then had to run for the next train so was knackered. Anyways long story cut short, I got to Aber at 10ish instead of 6 which was when I planned to get there.

Elaine has such a cool house, really great house mates and a huge kitchen. We spent most of Friday night talking into the early hours, then I was up at 10/11ish and cleaned up the mess from dinner and waited for everyone to wake up, so at 2 everyone was up. We went for a walk on the seafront and around the village which was cool although slightly windy. We then went shoopin for food as I was cooking, got back messed around and then cooked dinner, Spog Bog, which turned out to be good in the end. We went and met one of Elaine's friends, who went to Binswood too. We stayed in a local pub till to where there was a live band who sung 70's, 80's and even green day.There was a weird bloke who kept sayin 'yee haa' after every song which was funny. Then went home and then chatted till about 5 and then was up for 10 and got ready and packed ready for my train. Didnt sleep at all so Im REALLY tired and have loads of work todo as I didnt get it all done on the train, yey how fun.

Twas a really cool wkend, gave me time to clear my head too and get ready for more uni work, yey how fun. Cant wait till i go again which wont be till the summer i think now. But Elaine is bck for the night on Thursday so I wont have to go long without her, still missin her loads though :'(

Oh, inthe rush for the train forgot to take my camera, so there no photos really, Elaine took sum which will go up when I get them.

October 26, 2005

Sugar 25/10

Was a really good nightout, started off in the Well where I met up with Claire and did the usual Warwick Vs Coventry Uni Rant, then went off to Sugar. Not before puttin a fire out in a bin outside pizza hut. After we put the fire out we flagged down a fire engine who decided to put it out again (we didnt do the best job). Claire saw this as a photo opportunity more than anything with the fire crew. We also tried to get a lift to Sugar in the fire engine as we kinda put the fire out beofre they got there.

Got to sugar early so it was kinda empty, soon picked up though. Bumped into loads of people, decided to have a go at Anna because Scott kept complainin tht hes was always ignored. Thinkin now, I think I could of been a bit more tactful ;) Bumped in to the B'day girl Clare (without the I). Was a really good night.

I did start drinking but was very restrained and have now decided that I am going to cut down to like 1 or 2 drinks for a night out, this way I can save money, and repair my image too, am also thinkin of stoppin drink altogether but gonna do a wk or so on a small amount of drink and c wht happens 1st though.

Tis a Wednesday which means not long till im off to Sunny (wishfull thinking) Aber. Of which I have jst been informed has nothing todo barr walk up a hill. hmm Will have to show them how Warwick do things me thinks ;)

Oh yerr I took loads of photos but Im thinkin tht I need to re-organise the gallery or might even put them sumwhere else, so watch this space

October 24, 2005


Well not much has happened, but still after a complaint from Elaine saying that I haddnt put dated for awhile I thought it was about due an updated. So whts happened since, err not alot.

Decided on Thursday night that I would go a week without drinkin and after a chat with sum friends this might go permanent. T total or at least cut it down to like 1 or 2 drinks on a night out, like they say u dont need alcohol to have fun. It also todo with a promise I made many years ago which I had a visio that I might break. Dont get me wrong Im not an excessive drinker, but I think the image I seem to have created is one which I would like to disappear quickly as its a very unaccurate image, those who know me SHOULD agree. Plus when u look at it, wht does it give you, a hangover if you get ur numbers wrong and its not really cheap either. So watch this space as Im intending a few changes in my lifestyle, starting with drinking. Its not like I find it hard not to go without drink its jst u join in when everyone's out for the night, but like Laura said "sheep" lol.

On a better note, Im off to Aber to see Elaine, yey, cant wait booked the time off work even though the old boss wasnt too happy and got ma tickets so I shall be gone from Friday till Sunday afternoon. Will be fun although as Elaine cant cook I stuppidly said I would cook when I get there (10ish) which will be a laugh, so shes gonna go out and buy food and I will cook, it might be a nice meal when I decide wt to make and depending on how im feelin when I get there. But not long to go now only 4 days. YEY ;)

The old uni work is starting to pile up now with bridge building, Business, and Forensic all eatting into the little time tht I have free. Plus I have work work todo. Sumhow I think im not gonna have much free time over the nxt few wks.

Off to Sugar as per usual on Tuesday for Clare's B'day which should be cool, will also be different goin completely sober, but fun all the same.

Well thts all I think for them time bein, any big changes i'll keep you all posted ;)

October 18, 2005


How much of a waste of space is Surveying, now dont get me wrong, in the summer it was fun and i thought it would actually be useful. Now getting up at 7 to go to campus and drag heavy boxes for like 2 miles in the cold to find out how level something is, isnt my idea of fun. Spent about 2hrs trying to set it all up and got so pissed of that I packed it all back up and left, sorry to Lisa for leaving you with all the stuff. I ended up going for a drive to try and calm myself down as I wasnt in the best mood ever.

On the upside everyone liked the proposal I put together, although I think deep down Laura wants to be a english teacher, as she went through correcting my mistakes, lol. Not tht I minded. Also turns out tht she wasnt pissed off with me she had problems with her pump so her blood sugar levels were all over the place which made her grouchy. Good job stayed out the way for Friday and Monday then. lol. ;)

October 14, 2005

Mirage, oh sorry Evolve 13/10

Another great night out at Mirage, for those who didnt, shame on you! Started out in The Well with the hockey social in full swing and then off to Mirage. We had Nicky's B'day there too was a great night bumped into loads of people got slightly drunk, not overly drunk as Raahda thought, I was more merry than drunk. lol. Oh, and if your wondering where the photos are, well there werent any, we had another technical fault eg. I forgot to take the camera out again, have no fear I will remember nxt time.

Ive kept the running up so far and gonna start expanding the route next week as its not really a challenge so far. Ive decided that Im also gonna cut down on the number of nights out (yep, I didnt think I would hear those words coming from my mouth either), Im doing this for lots of reasons, 1st of money is a little on the low side, and I think I spend way to much time out and have work to catch up on. Also im gonna cut down on the number of drinks I have when out anyways, I know that i can still have a great time without gettin plastered, and lastly, I might eeven stop going out on Saturdays, yerr thought tht might shock ya ;)

Lastly I hope you havin a great wkend Elaine, and remember dont wear him out too quickly, or you'll be bored for the remaing few days ;) have fun though chuck.

October 12, 2005

Sugar 11/10

Another great night out at Sugar. After serious amounts of effort to get people out, such as scott who had stopped drinkin and James who had no money. 1st Stop was Spoons for one qucik pint before we were off to Moo for our Queue Skip Passes, Scott managed to break his glasses within 30sec of gettin into Spoons and was then classed a blind man. Only stopped for a few in before we joined the queue in the rain. By this point James had left us. Inside we bumped into loads of people, Ellie, Kate, Simon, Ben, and Laura to name a few. Then danced the night away jumping from gorup to group, managed to lose Scott within the 1st hr and wasnt seen again tht night (turns out he went home), not before sending me 21 txt messages mostly says 'Where are you?'. Caught up with Laura and helped her find Kim then got a lift home of Kim, cheers chuck. Laura made me ring her when I got home, even though if you look down the side of her house u can clearly see mine, but cheers for the concern hun.

Today saw an early start, managed to get up for 8 and spent most of the morning piecin the night bck together for Scott. Then onto campus for my one and only lab (was pointless) then bck home and into town. Went and brought some running shoes with the plan of gettin up early and running most mornings after Laura made me feel guilty and lazy (I cant deny it). Now hopefullly I will keep it up though have decided to take off days where were out the night before. To finish the day Im off to Tescos later and have been ploughing through all the maths work and doing some more work our Starting a Business project. As an addition, I think me head is due a service of something, doesnt seem to be working very well and gets confused easily, if u have a spare, or replacement pls get in contact ;)

Oh and as per usual, photos have been uploaded for u to look and laugh at. ;)

October 10, 2005

V's 21st

Sorry about the late entry but didnt get back home till Sunday and have only just got some spare time to add this entry plus photos.

So V's 21st, was one of the dates tht you have in your calender that you cant wait to come around, but actually takes ages to arrive. Was it a good night? answer yep, worth the wait had a great night. To fill you in we went to Broad st, Birmingham. Started out at V's where we had a few drinks and sum food (after i had dinner. lol) and Wow, how stunning was V lookin, made me look like i had but no effort in at all. lol. But yes VERY pretty. Next into a taxi, which was drive by have looked to be a women, but were never 100% sure. Got to Broad street and started out at the walkabout where we met sum of V's friends from Brum, and stayed for a bit to drink, we then bascially worked our way up Broad street, we met up with Elaine, Holly, and Ju who came later (they came from Ju's uni house) and continued on our travels. Followed by a rather violent trip of wht felt like all the speedbumps in England, oh yerr and Louise decided it would be a nice idea to show everyone the contents of her stomach on the way home in the taxi, cheers ;)

October 02, 2005

Skool Dayz

Well for what is meant to beone of thebest nights out at the union, and usually is, this was a shite night. Got into the union and lost everyone and spent the next few hours looking for people I knew, so I sobered up. Then to top the night of the fire alarm went off so we all had to stand out in the cold.

Though on a gd note the drive back was, well excitin. After booking two taxis and waitin around for like 30 min we finally got them. the drivers decided to race between them, naturally we won ;)

Went to bed at about 3ish and ended up on the phone for 2hrs, it was one of the deep meaningful conversations. Was there for a friend kinda thing, but afterwards it got me thinkin. Is this, I mean uni, etc what I really want? after giving a lecture on any1 can do anything if they want, and they shouldnt do stuff which they dont like our gets them down. I thought is what I have what I really want? And to tell you the truth, I dont know.

Chin up chuck ;)

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