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September 13, 2005

God Damn Panic Fuel Buying

NO guesses for wht this is gonna be about. After spending the whole day listen to how people were queuing for hrs, and also the fact that I had to queue for 20min to get into Leam because of the school run, the Parade being dug up, and everyone buying fuel. Anyway after work I braced myself for a long wait and also worked out the quickest way to get to the pump buy skipping the queue (thts down to gettin to skip queues in Rios ;) ). I was the nxt to goin in and watched the women in front of the pump try and fill her car up, I say try because it looked like she was out witted by it lol. Anyway I guess she didnt know tht you have to wait for the pump to reset before you can used it as she thought it was broken and then decided to go in and tell the man. Frank now pissed off. Then the cheap fuel didnt work so she was forced to use the more expensive stuff. She decided to fill it to the top, and then by the looks of things all over the floor. When she finally left I was left fillin my car up in a pool of petrol, was slightly worried by then. When i went to pay I asked the bloke how much he had left and he said there was loads of the expensive one left but everyone had taken the cheap stuff, typical. What really piseed me off was the fact tht people were only topping theirs up when people like me actually had no fuel, and theres not gonna be a fuel shortage, can you people get that into ur thick skulls.

Only 3 days left now till the girls are back yey. think this has been the longest Ive been without seenin them missin u all ;) oh and still no postcard, but I guess tht'll turn up after you get bck knowing the Spanish postal system. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Louise, promise we'll have a huge party when everyone gets bck.

September 11, 2005

Back to Rios

Well after quite a large break it was bck to Rios for buckets of cheese, started out in Spoons where we all met up and started on the old drinks, by the time we left i went through 2–3 pitchers (I think). Saw Jenni, yey, with her bf, boo. I dont think he likes me cos he tried to put me through a window at the union. Found Dennis hidin in the corner who went to Sugar, why? Why Sugar on a Saturday its ok on Tuesday cos its cheap the the rest of the wk theres no point.

Got into Rios and found Chris had a chat and tried to organise stuff for next wk but hes not here, so tht kinda pissed on my bonfire. Danced the night away as usual, had a few more drinks and bumped into sum more old friends and then headed bck to Ell's to sleep. Was sick on the way home, which was a gd thing cos I left fine afterwards but I wont be gettin in tht state nxt wk Im gonna make sure.

All in all a very good night, will be the last time I see sum ppl as everyone has started going bck to uni now. Though as I thought tht element was missin, missin you loads Elaine and Vanessa ;)

Oh and theres loads of photos this time, jst to make up for last time, though would like to point out I was very drunk and cannot be held responsible for my actions.

September 10, 2005

Another day another dollar

OK bugger all happened today, again though Helem popped in but i missed her. Yey, Rios, yeps thts right were off tio Rios tonight has been several weeks since Ive been and were gonna pop Dennis' Rios cherry ;) We need to show him how gd a saturday can be, but we aere lacking one element, yep, the girls there away in spain, lucky sods. Memo toself, must organise holiday for nxt year. Tonight also gives me a chance to plan nxt saturday which is gonna me a big night, with Ju's B'day party and Elaine's going back to uni party.

September 09, 2005

All by myself

Ok, another pretty normal day at work, I guess nothing important to report. Started to sing 'All by myself' song as V and Elaine are sunning them selves over in Spain. Would just like to thank V aswell cos that crap weather that ur wished for has turned up, so cheers, loads of storms and buckets of rain. Oh and sum farmer decided to go muck spreading and now the whole house smells like a sewage works, yey.

On the plus side its one day down so only another 6 togo before they come back, all tanned probably. As im workin most days and when i get home the time should pass quickly i think, and sunday doesnt really count because i might be recovering from tomorrow night. Meeting Dennis at 10:00 straight after work and then off to Rios I guess, need to ring round to c who else is out. Oh and It'll give me a chance to organise some things for nxt Saturday.

Found one thing out today though, my phone seems to have fallen silent now the girls have gone away, is kinda owrrying that its only them that seem to txt me now.

Anyways hst thought I best add an update, could be my last at this rate the fork lightening seems to be getting close, might have to go sleep in the car. lol. Oh, hope u girls are having a great time with ur sun and cocktails. I kinga feel sorry for all the blokes over there. hehe, only messin ;)

September 07, 2005

Plant Shoppin

Wow, another entry today, thts 3 in a day. Met up with my bestest friends in the world, Elaine and Vanessa. Spent most of the day tryin to find a present for Ju, and after about an hour we worked out that we were going to get her a plant, the rest of the day was spent searching for the plant, we went to M&S, then another flower show and the garden centre and back to the 1st place M&S (it was going to happen with Vanessa really wasnt it), then we had to decide which plant to go for, which was a long job, but we finally got it down to one, even after going towards the cash desk about 100 times with different plants. Once we worked out the type we wanted we then had to decide which one to take, this whole thing lasted from about 3 to jst after 5. Though was good fun was nice to get the group back together, had been a while.

One a bad note though, there all jetting of to Malaga for the week tomorrow which means im not gonna have either of my best friends here sobb but its only a week, it should go quickly (fingers crossed), then when they come back were all gonna go out for a big night, as its the last time before everyone heads back to uni, so Leam prepare yourself. I've even booked the whole day off work so that we can make the most of it. Got something to look forward to then :D

So girls, have a great holiday and I expect you all to be full refreshed, and ready for a big night out. Remember I want photos, and a postcard, hey even a stick of rock wouldnt go a miss ;) lol.

Happy B'day


I spent how much?

Well deicded to go in the end, and its true what they say, the nights you dont lookforward to are the best.

As always for a Tuesday started off in the Well then moved up to Spoons where my drinkin really picked up pace. Then off to Sugar! The usual group was out Debbie and Co, Woolley, and the Smiths lot and no Josh (Yey). Becky was pleased to hear that Evans was out of the country and so wouldnt be tryin to kick her down down at 3 in the mornin. Spoons was great fun met Dennis and sat and drank 2 pitchers in well, couldnt of been 30min. Had Becky singing Dennis at the bar making a scene, oh and her tryin to take off her top cos Dennis said she had better breasts than me, but i managed to make her see tht it probably wasnt the best idea shes ever had.

Then Sugar where we had more drinks, made friends with the owner of the chip shop so now my chips are only 50p, great. Then we all just danced the night away. All got kicked out then went to the chip shop where the other Becky said how great i was (cheers chuck) and said our goodbyes as I wouldnt be seeing afew of them as it was time for people to start heading back to uni. But as I was leavin it seemed something had wound Woolley up so I had to go "disfuse" the situation an endup up walking thw wrong way home (Ell's house) and them once I sorted everything out with Woolley had to run down the bottom of town to catch Ell up but couldnt find him, so I rang Joel (my housemate) to see if he could let me into our house (I havent picked up my key yet) but no answer, so i tried Dennis who i woke up but he let me stay, thanks again Dennis I owe you one big time, and that was the night.

Though one small problem, how can I spend so much money on the cheapest night in the week? I full investigation was put into action and this is was I found:

Drinks brought:-

  • 1 pt of Carling
  • 1 Korona
  • 1 Pitcher of white russian
  • 1 Pitcher of Blue Lagoon
  • 3 Southern Comforts

Now only 1 of these drinks is one the pound-a-pint list, and the pitchers well tht was Dennis' fault and they only lasted afew minutes, but it set my up for a great night in Sugar. So I think im, a) gonna cut down on the old drinks and b). no go out as often. Yes you read it here 1st I might cut down on my nights out, havent deicded wht todo sbout Rios this wk though.

Oh and also there arent any photos this week due to another technical fault, I forgot to bring it

September 06, 2005

Day off, Yey

Got a day off today, like a real day off, eg didnt have to get up early and had a nice relaxing day, had forgotton what they were like.

Went into town with Elaine today, did some shopping and got my mum's B'day present plus we got something for Ju. Then we sat in Top park for the rest of the day, was quite educational for both parties I do believe ;). Then came back home, doesnt sound like the best day every but it was cool.

Now Im stuck with a problem, do I go out into town seeing hows its the last night for a few people, or do I stay in becuase Im not really in the mood for going to sugar. I think Im gonna have to go seeing how I wont see afew people for the nxt 10–15wks

September 03, 2005

Shock Horror

Now as you can see by the time alone, Im not out for the night, in fact im not even drunk. Whys this I hear you cry? Well reason for this is because even though I spent the whole day looking forward to going out it turns out that hardly anyone was out and those who where out didnt want to go to Rios. Well there was about 3 tht wanted togo but I decided tht even if I did go then I would have to much some serious effort in to have fun. So short version is I went into town had a drink and then came bck.

OH, though did have a nice surprise, V came to see me at work which was the highlight of the day, had bin ages since I'd seen her, though she didnt come out for a drink :'(

I think the night wouldnt have gone down too well anyway because I usually go out with my bestest friends in the world, V and Elaine. But Elaine decided to go else where, yerr im shocked too. :O

Though meeting Elaine on Tuesday, will be the last dayout before she heads back off to Uni, though am tryin to organise a night out after they all cum bck from their holiday so tht we can have one last big night out together before everyone heads bck to uni, leaving just me and V to hold the fort.

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