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September 30, 2005

Mirage, oh sorry Evolve

Ok was the 1st time I got go to Mirage since the changes. I was putting it off as everyone from Leam said it was crap, but I have to say it was a good night, ok granted the amount of alcohol many have had something todo with it but it was a good night.

Got to meet a few people I haddnt seem since last year. Louise was, well hammered, I think thts the best description I can give. Bumped into Dennis who I think wanted to hit me after I made all of his bottled beers (4) fizz up and went down his top, wasnt too impessed. But it was a great night, even better was that I had no lectures till 2 so I had a big lyin and had no hangover. Great.

I was meant to meet up with Lou (from Leam) to say bye before she went off to uni, but i ran out of time, Sorry chuck. Also Jenni have fun at uni, shes a fresher and off to Essex uni on Saturday, have fun you'll love it. Were all off to Skool Dayz, tomorrow night so I expect to see many of you there.

September 28, 2005

1st House Party

Now this wasnt a planned party before I get inundated with loads of complaints because you didnt get invited.

The plan for the night was to meet everyone still left in Leam for a final night out at Spoon for 8. As usual i was late, this was because I had freshers' help todo after uni, anyways. Got back and got sum snap and lots of drink so tht I wouldnt have to spend much money as I have none.

Got to Spoon at 9, and found the group with Claire drunk as usual, stopped off for a quick pint before starting to queue for Sugar. The queue for Sugar was huge and we were in the normal queue not the queue skip, so after like 40 min we decided that we werent going to get in, though Louise was adamant tht the queue had moved till we pointed out tht we had all basically compacted the queue. Anyways, Sugar was off and Rio's was closed and we couldnt find out about Mirage, (sorry Evolve for all u newbies). So me with my bright ideas decided to invite everyone back to mine. So after a quick run to Tescos for mush needed alcohol replenishment we started off for mine. Now in hine sight, yes a Taxi would have been a gd idea as everyone complaint about the walk, though I had, had my bright idea for the weeek lol. I did also offer to swap shoes with Lou again and also carry Jennie back.

When we arrived Scott was there and the fun began, was a really good night though I did have to spend a while clearing up this mornin. Joel and Mackie were out and didnt turn up till later, but was a good night and we got to meet the neighbours, though I had wished it to be under better circumstances. Like they say, the best nights are the ones that you dont lookforward to nor plan. Few points to finish on though.

1st off my apollogies to Jennie, I've had words with James and he WILL behave next time. Also I shall have the photos of my nights our with you guys up on the wall by the end of tomorrow so you can come have a look then Lou, (she wasnt too impressed tht there were none of her) also, I think you might still have my socks, lol.

Was a great night, got to say a fairwell to many of my Leam friends and couldnt think of any better way to finish on. Had Lou and Debbie over today too, and between them have copied half of my music library I think. Anyways cheers guy and gals for a great night and have fun at uni, and we shall have several good nights out when we all get back if im not comin to see you at uni.

As usual comments welcome, I see tobe running a bit low on those at the moment ;)

September 25, 2005

Freshers Helper

After getting up early to get to campus I got to help over 3000 freshers enrole, while wearing my very fashionable, bright orange Freshers' Helper T-Shirt. Then I came back to campus to spend the night helper out with the bar tour and stopping Nicky from being sick everywhere. Was a great night, got chatting to a group of freshers who helped me in the ballon race, yerr we kicked ass, and they brought me drinks, how cool is tht? Ooh and they all seem to have me mobile number for some reason, hmm. Was good though, bumped into loads of people from my year too and from engineering which was cool. Butbegin a fresher's helper did make me feel older (not wiser though). For anyone who might think of being a helper next year I highly recomment it its great fun. Oh theres sum picture of nicky, and Cat slightly drunk wearing the lovely Freshers' Helper T shirts. Here

September 22, 2005

Midnight Shopping Run

Went to Tescos for the weekly shop at 12ish. Turns out tobe the best time to go shoppin there, its fully of singing Tescos people and they have the radio on, makes shopping for food so much more fun, though the £60 bill on the otherhand wasnt too appealing.

Managed to find V in Tescos too, which was nice, was the 1st proper time before we got to catch up after her holiday in Spain, though see didnt seem to be having an easy day, was one of the reasons I went to say hi and cheer her up.

Was meant to meet V at 2 at hers, but she was still in bed, aww, oh well will meet up another time I guess.

Ive been bullied into going to Mirage, oh sorry, 'Evolve' by Harri, cos I was meant tobe going to Rios with Lou and Deb's so will have to try and meet up with everyone before we all go off to different clubs.

September 21, 2005

1st Night Out

Yey, 1st night out with uni mates and what a great start to the year, Team law came round for drinks before heading off to Spoons for a quick drink (a pitcher in my case) and then off to Sugar.

Met up with loads of people from back home and uni in Sugar so had to keep swapping groups but it was a great night all in all. Though would like to ask everyone from home about the Evans and Smithy, well fling I guess would be the best way to describe it lol. It raises a few concerns. I guess it'll be the last night out with people from back home now for a while as I guess everyone is off to unin in the nxt few days, I remember Claire and Becky telling me they were off soon and which unis they were off to but, seemed to have forgotton lol.

Oh and dont worry Sarah I wont tell everyone you got REALLY drunk towards the end of the night and it was me that look after you. Your secret is safe with me. ;)

Oh yerr all the photos should now be up

September 20, 2005

Warwick, were back

Yep, after several hours of hard graft and two runs im finally in my new uni house. Seem to have mis-placed the Tv remote somewhere and cant find where all my photos have gone. But all in all im glad to be in now, cant wait to see everyone again and then theres uni itself, oh how I missed it.

Elaine got her DVD this mornin in the post which she was happy with, think she liked the photo of Bertie at the end. Its bin only afew days but feels like ages since everyone started goin bck to uni, missin u all guys. Oh we do have Vanessa's B'day coming up in a few weeks so everyone will be back for that so cant wait. Oh and gonna clear sumtime to go and she her in the beautiful town of aber. ;)

September 18, 2005

Bye Bye

Jst a quick entry to say Bye Bye to Elaine and safe trip and I will speak to ya on MSN. Missin you already ;) Oh and I shall send the surprise in the post tomorrow if I remember.

Elaine's Last Day

Well after spending the whole week organising last night for everyone while they were all on holiday it ended up being only me and Elaine, which wasnt a bad thing, but would of been nice to have the whole group out for her last night. Oh well shit happens.

Spent the whole day with Elaine, went shopping for jeans and got clocked by a friend standing in New look and my excuse of 'Im out with Elaine' didnt work cos she ran off to the changing rooms lol. Went card shooping too, which turns out is harder than shopping for a pair of jeans. Oh Elaine got me to go to Mc Donalds which I havent been to for about 4yrs, and I have to say the food nolonger tastes of cardboard, but theres still room for improvement. We then got all grown up and sat down for a drink in Costas for a while and talked about flying oh and how alex has her mum's telephone number (hmm, I would be careful if I was you Elaine) then went to get my key for my house which was closed in the end damn them. Afterwards we went to see Elaine's horse which turns out tobe very unsociable, though Rodger the other horse was friendly and was great fun, havent been around horses for ages, brings bck some memories, Rodger then decided to follow us all the way back and then put on a sad face when we left, aww. Next stop was V's so try and bully her into coming out, yerr I obv forgot how stubben she can be lol. So ended up with jst me and Elaine going out. We decided for a change that a trip to the cinema on the bck rows would be a laugh, but 1st stopped off at mine for dinner. Sorry the food wasnt as good as last time Elaine, was thinkin on my feet. We left late, but I got us into Leam within 10min yerr new record, then spent another 15min looking for somewhere to park. We missed the start of 40yr old Virgin so decided to go watch The Man with the dad out of American Pie in which was really funny. After that took Elaine home and said our goodbyes :'( then went home and went to bed, couldnt sleep for whole night.

All in all it was a really good day, gave us time to spend some quality time together before we both went back to uni. It also got me thinking, afew weeks ago I had no idea who this girl was, ok 1st time I met her i thought we was crazy (still do to be fair) and now, weeks later Elaine has become my best friend in the world, and I hope we stay best friends for all of time. Hehe, sounds kinda soppy i know, but its all true, shes great fun all the time and when u need someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on shes there, plus I have the upmost respect and trust for her ;)

Gonna miss ya chuck ;)

September 15, 2005

The final Day

Yep, there all due home tonight, cant wait to speak to them tomorrow, and then see them on Saturday. Got home to find a postcard from the girls, which was great and funny, though my mum didnt look too impressed as to who it was from ;) Cheers Elaine. lol. Today I think I drove my friends mad at work as I kept telling everyone that they were back to day. Yey. It helped make a somewhat boring day go by thankfully. Though did go back to Binswood to drop some stuff off and bumped into my old teachers which was cool, go to catch up etc. I think were all set for the weekend now, cant think of forgetting anything, oh and get to move into my house nxt week yey.

These past few days has been somewhat of a learning curve for me, a surprising one at that. I made me realise how much my two friends in the world meant to me, and how I miss them when there not around, which means two things; firstly my best friends me everything to me, and secondly, how the hell am I gonna cope when one of them goes back to uni till christmas? Kinda worrying dont you think. Ok I'll have my Uni mates who are all the best but they've got nothing of these two. Hope you girls had a great time and I'll catch up with you all over the next couple of days.

September 14, 2005

Not long left

Yey, its wednesday evening which means Elaine and Vanessa will be back tomorrow night, my week without them is drawing to a close. And the rest of the day well, worked for most of it then watched the TV, would also like to point out how much crap there now is on the TV, how can Sky fill tht many channels with crap? I know that some of them now even show the same crap but an hour later, is there really nothin worth making now? I give up.

James has now moved into the how and I shall be moving in next week, cant wait its gonna be great, though must remember to sort out a parking permit for uni or i could be up shit creek without a paddel.

I was also thinking today at how much I write on my blog, I thought is was only ever going tobe the stuff after nights out and it turns out Im writting most nights now. Has my life got to this stage already? I hope its only a phase. ;)

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