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August 28, 2005

Dead man walking

As you can probably guess from the title, Im, well pissed of to say the least.

If your wondering where the nomral aftermath of Rios comment is well there isnt one, because i didnt go out, and I wont be going out till I sort this mess out. There has been well I believe a rumour going round about something i guess i said. ITS ALL BULLSHIT. and as a result one of my best friends has been really hurt and fallen out with me. All im gonna say is when I find out who started all of this bullshit, you better run cos Im gonna fu*kin hunt you down. and as the title says, your a dead man walkin

August 24, 2005

3 Months Nearly All Gone

Wow, two entries in one day, now theres a 1st.

Went out with Elaine for the afternoon, went to the cinema again. Lol. On they way back Elaine realised that we wouldnt see each other for ages now as she is workin on Sunday thus cant do Saturday night and the week after they all swan off on holiday for the week. It got me thinking, soon everyone is back off to uni for another 10wks. So I wont be able to see some of my friends of ages and Im gonna really miss them, there'll be something missing from Rios.

We have decided to go out the Friday before Elaine goes bck up to uni so that we can all have one last night out before we all go bck. Ut's amazing that these 3 months are nearly all up and another year is upon us.

We do have Vanessa's B'day comming up in a few weeks so there'll be another chance for everyone to meet up but still theres 10 wks without one of my best friends, I know I'll still be able to go out with Vanessa as shes working now but still the point stands, the group will be another person down. :(


Well after missing last wks weekly trip to sugar we made up for it this time. Usual thing happened, meet in The Well for 8 and then begin the walk up to sugar via all the pubs on the way. We didnt have the biggest turn out at the start even though Salvin (Pc Paul to you Elaine) ;) said that everyone was out, wht me meant was 5 of us were out.

Later in the Well got a call of Dennis (mate from uni) saying he was is spoons, sadly he called me too late i was slightly drunk, so much so tht when I pick up the phone i said "Did you call me or did I call you?" lol. Then off to Spoons where I bumped into the Smiths lot and Josh King :( who i had ago at cos he said tht he was gonna go to Tecos when Vanessa was there and laugh, yerr not with V u fu*kin wont, or you'll only do it once. Anways Bumped into Elaine and the rest of the group who were only out for a drink and Ive bin told she only had two drinks. Yes Im shocked too and she says she didnt spill any of it but i dont believe her. So after a few good byes off to Sugar.

Went in pretty early so go sum seats, sat down with the girls for a while then danced for most of the night, Evans again kept tryin to pull Beccy and she shouted help to I kinda stole her and kept evans out the way for most of the night, oh yerr got burnt again. Then went bck to Dennis' and went through a bottle of red wine then bed by 4 i think.

I think its quite funny now tht 2 of my friends tht evans had tried pulling r now both scared of him. lol.

Oh and its come to my attention that evans kept trying to get into Beccy's house, I told her tht she should of left with the rest of us, oh and a few ppl fell ontop over she says too.

Anyways all in all a good night, though still not as good as being out with V and Elaine in Rios. ;)

August 21, 2005

Something Different

Ok, so this wk we didnt make Rio's, it wasnt my idea i was up for going but turned out tht none of the girls had the will power or funds togo and the blokes, well jst didnt come out for the night. So we went out for dinner at Satchwell's which was good fun. I think its the 1st saturday where I actually remember going out and coming bck, bar my 1st drink i was on coke all night. Anyways it was a good night gave us time to all catch up and turn out to be a, well… very educational night would be one way of putting it. Guys if ur girlfriend says that BOB is coming over for the night be very worried.

Jst before we left I went for a pee and the manager was waitin in the toilets so he could lock up, when i when to was my hands i managed to pull the soap think off the wall and I turn and looked at the manager and said bugger, to be fair he didnt look too impressed so i made a quick exit.

Walked to the top of town then down to the bottom to meet everyone else where a random drunk decided he would take on the whole group (8 strong) which was kinda funny. lol. Then bck up to the car and home by 1ish. Oh and on the way home we put my oldie CD on so there was an element of cheese for the night.

Oh yerr and Elaine managed to miss her mouth and end up with half a galss of Woo Woo all over her skirt. lol. Jst looked like she had no bladder control. And I think I owe everyone some moeny because I seemed to have more oney than I started with, I think know £6–7 is V's cos she gave me £10 for one drink and didnt get any change.

The night did teach me one thing, which was you dont need tobe drunk to have a good time, its all about the company your with, and I had all ma best friends with me ;)

There are only 3 photos up this time, it wasnt really a photo night and I guess there wont be many for the nxt few wks as the girls arent goin clubbin for a while and they have their holiday soon too (lucky gits) ;)

August 15, 2005

Say Cheese!

After workin out that I must be the only one at work (Jessops) who actually hasnt got a digital camera for nights out I thought it was time to invest. With the very generous staff discount I we and brought one of these, there is really one main reason for buying a new camera, and its called Saturdays. Most nights im out someone brings a camera to firstly to take the mick out of everyone the day after we all go out (check the Home Sweet Home gallery) and secondly to help with pieceing the night together for those of us who got too drunk to remember anything (not me!). What camera? I hear you cry, well its the olympus mini, not the best quality camera but will do for nights outs.

So remember people simile cos its coming with me EVERY time were out and yes, the photos will be up on this blog by the end of the day after (need time to recover from nights out myself) ;)

August 14, 2005

Here we go again

Yes its a Sunday which can only mean one things, its recovery time from Rios. Was an excellent night to be had by all Im lead to believe. Though unfortunatly there are no photos this week due to a technique problem, well i say technique Elaine didnt charge the batteries up long enough. Its true wht they say about women and technology, only jokin. ;)

Started well and only got better, picked Vanessa, Elaine, and Julie up on the way into town and I have to say all three were looking stunning as usual ;). Went to Satchwells to met everyone for Mark's B'day and then bumped into Woolley later on as it was his B'day too. After afew drinks we headed for Rios not before bumping into V's bro who told me to look after her, aww, I think I kept her out of trouble and thanks again to Lucinder and her dad Chris for letting us alll in for free and without having to queue. To which the girls were surprised at, it did mean that they could stay a bit longer and finish of the other bottle of wine in their own time.

Also rumour has it that Im going out with Vanessa and Elaine, how good is that? ;) Apparently V's mum spoke to sum1 else who said that I keep picing her up to go out on Saturday nights, and I guess people have just seen me and Elaine in town together. It was a funny suprise though. lol

In Rios the usual things happened got drunk and danced the night away, though I had slightly too much to drink and had to sit down for a hour or so which pissed me off cos i wanted to go dance bet knew I would be ill if I didnt have a rest. Then after Rios I had the regular chat with V saying that we could both walk home, yerr, which would be fine but its like a 2hr walk to V's and another hour for me. So we went taxi hunting which took a while, and we some how managed to pick the most expensive taxi (what can I say its, a gift).

So all in all a very good night, though very expensive its seems from the lack of money I have, talking of which V, there is no way ur gonna pay me back. lol.

Oh, and I think I might be giving Sugar a miss on Tuesday, yess I know im worried too, but I feel the need to have a easy wk and do nothing instead of workin my ass of everyday just to go drink it all away every Tuesday and Saturday.

Does anyone know where I left my car?

August 10, 2005

Yey, Photos

Right, managed to get the rest of the photos online . Cheers to Elaine for giving me the photos.

Woolley's B'day

After a slight falling out last week (see last post), and some clearing up we managed to sort things out between me and Woolley ready for his B'day. The night started off with a sight problem caused by bad communication, in a nut shell Woolley managed to send half of the group to The Well and the rest to anither pub.

Was a good night ending up in Sugar and buying £80 of Champagne for his B'day, half of which got poured into my eye, (yerr, dont remember how it happened, only knew that it bloodly hurt). Bumped into a few friends I hadn't seen in ages, also Becky how lost her cards and house keys so spent a bit of the night scearching for them and trying to calm her down.

Now I have to say something I didnt think I would ever say, due to most people going on holiday nxt wk it might mean that I wont make it to Rio's (yerr I'm shocked too) but only will only know when I find out who is going out, I have been reassured that V, Elaine and Julie are comming out so things might not be so bad.

August 07, 2005

Well Fu*kin Done Woolley!

As you can see by the title im not in the best mood ever. I'll fill you in on the details. The lead up to the night didnt get of to the best start either with Both V and Elaine decidin not to cum out for the night, so a lads night out was planned instead, not a bad thing I hear you say, well 1st stop was Spoons as usual which didint start off too well. About an hour in I was so knackered I thought that I might aswell go home but I slogged it out then off to the Kindom of Cheese as Elaine put it. Now this was a good part of the night, usual stuff happened got drunk and danced the night away with my mates and a group of people which were probably double my age. Now I guess that many of you are thinking well it cant have bin a bad night by the sounds of it. Well tobe fair upto this point it was a great night, however the return journey was the problem.

Now for those of you that know Woolley (my best mate for many years) can probably guess he was the route of the problem, you guessed right. Now for a reason that no one has an idea about Woolley decided to ring Vanessa at 2 in the mornin, not the best move hes ever made. To which he left, well a very offensive voicemail about her best friend (and mine) Elaine. Now i thought that this would cum back and bite me in the mornin so i decided not to take anypart in it and when we got home i txt Elaine to appologise.

At 3ish in Sunday I get a txt from a Elaine which well wasnt the best ever txt I had of her tobe honest with you. So i thought the best thing todo would be to ring bck straight away and say sorry, which i did and i think Elaine has forgiven me to which means alot to me. But it gets worse I thought tht Woolley left the message on Elaine's phone but it was actually V's. Now V was and still is serioulsy pissed off with me (not tht i can blame her), because firstly Woolley and Co. woke her up at 2 and left a offensive message about her best friend on her voicemail. As V wont talk to me me I cant explain a). how sorry I am and b) I didnt actually take part. I guess this might not seem to mean alot to you ppl, but to me a friend, especially two best friends falling out with you is the worst thing tht can happen to me and now i have to try and find away to put things bck right.

Im hoping tht she'll pick up her phone if I ring later on or I might try and pop around to hers on the way bck from work. But no matter wht I shall not sop until i put things right with both V and Elaine. Now i have decided todo some damage limitation so tht this kinda thing can never happen again, firstly Woolley doesnt know it but i shall be takin out a few numbers out of his phone book, and nxt time I need to try harder to stop him doin anything like tht again. Woolley also got the biggest bollo*kin of his life after my phone call to Elaine and V, to which he finds it kinda funny tht i get put in the dog house for sumthing tht he did, though he did offer to ring up and explain I told him to leave it cos he will only make things worse.

So ppl wish me luck as I try and get bck two of my best friends, two ppl tht mean the world to me. If i dont you have no idea how devestating it'll be for me. :'(

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