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July 31, 2005

Rios (again) –Revised

Once again Saturday arrived which meant only one thing, Rio's (for you Warwick people its like Top B, but expensive). However numbers were, well tobe fair slightly lower than normal. After Elaine and I bullied her into comming out to celebrate gettin a job interview, only to find when I pick her that she has decided not only come out for a drink (which was water), how could you let us down like that Vanessa?

Anyways, turns out that only me and Elaine managed to make it to Rio's even though other people that I met got to the queue too late and ended up going to Sugar instead. Was good fun as usual, and I say this for a certain person, naming no names, Julie, I was WELL behaved. Even the girls on a hen night who asked for my boxers went home empty handed, also as usual I seemed to attract what can only be described as weirdos. 3 rather old and ugly women (well I think they were, but tobe honest in todays world its hard to tell) who kept winking at me and had a grin on the faces (worrying I know). Elaine seemed to be invisible to everyone who walked passed he, and was trodded on every few minutes, and an unsual site I think Eliane would agree was a short bloke who seemed tobe on ProPlus or maybe just had too many E numbers was dancing all over the place really energetically and could of very easily knocked himself or anyone within a 10 mile radius out. He was going at it so hard that he managed to clear 1 meter space around him, as teriffied people ran for cover in fear of their lives.

Then after dancing for 3hrs constantly, and the slow song that no one has ever heard of came on we left. Followed by French garlic bread, which turned out tobe a pizza with cheese and garlic on, and sum1 beliving I was their friends twin brother who looked nothing like me. Elaine managed to find a cat that was so fat that its stomach swong from side to side as it ran, which was funny.

All in all twas a good night, although next week I am expecting more people to come out this time. Also that this time Vanessa will actually make it to Rio's and may even drink. Only 6 days togo. :D

Oh and photos should make it here at some point in the week

July 24, 2005


Well, Ive decided to add a whole new section to the blog so that people from back home can add stuff, seeing how most of my sections can only be added to by people at warwick.

So again I went to Rios for another fun filled saturday. Met up with sum mates from home and then with Vanessa, Eliane and Juli before going to Rios. After then it gets a little bit blurred but things have started comming back to me and with the aid of the photos supplied by the lovely Eliane Here I think I can just about piece together the whole evening. All in all a great night one which I wont forget for a long time to come.

Happy Days

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