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February 19, 2006

Rios 18.2.06

ANother great night. Didnt strat off too well as I had been looking forward to going to Rio's for the whole day at work, but when I got there Claire and Co said that they werent going to Rio's.

However I bumped into Julie, her brother and Vanessa so I deicided to go with them. It was Lucinder's B'day so I was planning on getting into Rio's with her as we would skip the queue and get free entry. But the girls wanted to get in before then so we had to pay. We left after I had polished off a bottle of Rose and a very Dry white wine, plus some other bits n bobs. I also bumped into the Pizza Hut crew but I couldnt get them to come with us.

The usual thing happened in Rio's we danced the night away. Barr one thing, when I went to the toilet I got offered sum pills (do I look like I need pills people?) Decided to tell Chris (owner of Rios) and turns out the bloke got done for possession. Chris took me away later on to get all my details as apparently the police might wanna talk to me (how exciting lol). But all-in-all a very good night. As always photos are up, there under Home Sweet Home this time though.

February 01, 2006

Sugar 31.1

Was a great night. Unlike every other time we went to Moo first and then stayed there till Sugar. Claire got the bloke she met in Mirage to come up. Turns out hes from Warwick and is on the same football team as Scott, my house mate, small world. I ended having 12 vodaks + mixers before Sugar so I was up for a good night. Claire thought that it was the 1st time shes seen me properly drunk without her being as drunk too (I dont believe this but there we go).

Met Llyody and Phil who are mates from my old school who I havent seen for like 3yrs, so was great to see them again. I also learnt how much of a lightweight Issy is, after 3 drinks she was gone lol. But like i say was a great night, only downer on the night was that our boiler at the house seems to have given up so it was a cold night.

As always photos are up in Winter 05/06

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