August 07, 2005

Well Fu*kin Done Woolley!

As you can see by the title im not in the best mood ever. I'll fill you in on the details. The lead up to the night didnt get of to the best start either with Both V and Elaine decidin not to cum out for the night, so a lads night out was planned instead, not a bad thing I hear you say, well 1st stop was Spoons as usual which didint start off too well. About an hour in I was so knackered I thought that I might aswell go home but I slogged it out then off to the Kindom of Cheese as Elaine put it. Now this was a good part of the night, usual stuff happened got drunk and danced the night away with my mates and a group of people which were probably double my age. Now I guess that many of you are thinking well it cant have bin a bad night by the sounds of it. Well tobe fair upto this point it was a great night, however the return journey was the problem.

Now for those of you that know Woolley (my best mate for many years) can probably guess he was the route of the problem, you guessed right. Now for a reason that no one has an idea about Woolley decided to ring Vanessa at 2 in the mornin, not the best move hes ever made. To which he left, well a very offensive voicemail about her best friend (and mine) Elaine. Now i thought that this would cum back and bite me in the mornin so i decided not to take anypart in it and when we got home i txt Elaine to appologise.

At 3ish in Sunday I get a txt from a Elaine which well wasnt the best ever txt I had of her tobe honest with you. So i thought the best thing todo would be to ring bck straight away and say sorry, which i did and i think Elaine has forgiven me to which means alot to me. But it gets worse I thought tht Woolley left the message on Elaine's phone but it was actually V's. Now V was and still is serioulsy pissed off with me (not tht i can blame her), because firstly Woolley and Co. woke her up at 2 and left a offensive message about her best friend on her voicemail. As V wont talk to me me I cant explain a). how sorry I am and b) I didnt actually take part. I guess this might not seem to mean alot to you ppl, but to me a friend, especially two best friends falling out with you is the worst thing tht can happen to me and now i have to try and find away to put things bck right.

Im hoping tht she'll pick up her phone if I ring later on or I might try and pop around to hers on the way bck from work. But no matter wht I shall not sop until i put things right with both V and Elaine. Now i have decided todo some damage limitation so tht this kinda thing can never happen again, firstly Woolley doesnt know it but i shall be takin out a few numbers out of his phone book, and nxt time I need to try harder to stop him doin anything like tht again. Woolley also got the biggest bollo*kin of his life after my phone call to Elaine and V, to which he finds it kinda funny tht i get put in the dog house for sumthing tht he did, though he did offer to ring up and explain I told him to leave it cos he will only make things worse.

So ppl wish me luck as I try and get bck two of my best friends, two ppl tht mean the world to me. If i dont you have no idea how devestating it'll be for me. :'(

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  1. Elaine

    hey you,

    just sent you an msn msg but i'll add a comment here! don't worry about it, it was just a drunken mistake on wooleys part! and at least i didn't get to hear it anyway!

    see u soon :-)

    07 Aug 2005, 17:29

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