December 05, 2005

Tis Great To Be Home

Like i said its great to be home, dont have to cook and the house is tidy. Also gives me some space to sit down and think on my own, something I havent had time todo for a while.

Spent most of the day working from home, how good is it to work from home? yey. Although there was some bad news, which I talked about yesturday things seem to be on the up. Should be goin to Sugar tomorrow with Claire which is usually a laugh, Im another day closer to Elaine comming back. Though one down point think I might have upset Vanessa, sorry hun was in a bit if a finny mood then. Cant wait to see your new house and u'll have to invite me over sometime and we can catch up.

Best part about being home? I get my bedroom back, my nice tidy bedroom with the best bed in the world. Its so so warm and soft.

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  1. elaine

    frank u tart, cant believe u have a pic of ur bed on there. lol

    home in less than 2 weeks!!

    elaine x

    ps – how exactly does the anti-spam thing work? n cant u get it to ask a better question than what colour is an orange?

    06 Dec 2005, 15:45

  2. What! I was just showing wht my bedroom looks like so people can see why I miss it so much :P

    The anti spam thing is done by Warwick Technical Services not me, though if I did it guess my question wouldnt be much harder. Though it might know your from Aber uni and thus gives you an easy question ;)

    Missin ya

    06 Dec 2005, 16:11

  3. ellykins

    man, that bed looks good

    08 Dec 2005, 10:05

  4. Yerr tis a very nice bed, though u wont be finding out lol ;)

    08 Dec 2005, 12:11

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