August 24, 2005


Well after missing last wks weekly trip to sugar we made up for it this time. Usual thing happened, meet in The Well for 8 and then begin the walk up to sugar via all the pubs on the way. We didnt have the biggest turn out at the start even though Salvin (Pc Paul to you Elaine) ;) said that everyone was out, wht me meant was 5 of us were out.

Later in the Well got a call of Dennis (mate from uni) saying he was is spoons, sadly he called me too late i was slightly drunk, so much so tht when I pick up the phone i said "Did you call me or did I call you?" lol. Then off to Spoons where I bumped into the Smiths lot and Josh King :( who i had ago at cos he said tht he was gonna go to Tecos when Vanessa was there and laugh, yerr not with V u fu*kin wont, or you'll only do it once. Anways Bumped into Elaine and the rest of the group who were only out for a drink and Ive bin told she only had two drinks. Yes Im shocked too and she says she didnt spill any of it but i dont believe her. So after a few good byes off to Sugar.

Went in pretty early so go sum seats, sat down with the girls for a while then danced for most of the night, Evans again kept tryin to pull Beccy and she shouted help to I kinda stole her and kept evans out the way for most of the night, oh yerr got burnt again. Then went bck to Dennis' and went through a bottle of red wine then bed by 4 i think.

I think its quite funny now tht 2 of my friends tht evans had tried pulling r now both scared of him. lol.

Oh and its come to my attention that evans kept trying to get into Beccy's house, I told her tht she should of left with the rest of us, oh and a few ppl fell ontop over she says too.

Anyways all in all a good night, though still not as good as being out with V and Elaine in Rios. ;)

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  1. Ellykins

    T'was a very good night. I got absolutely trashed.

    24 Aug 2005, 15:11

  2. Yey, sum1 else has commented on the blog. ;) Yerr was a really good night got to talk to people I hadnt spoken to in ages

    24 Aug 2005, 18:22

  3. Ellzimar

    When I first turned up to the Well, I thought "crap, it's just me, evans, and salvin." Thankfully other people started pouring in, and before I knew it, everyone in the world was out*.

    *may be an exaggeration.

    26 Aug 2005, 17:48

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