August 21, 2005

Something Different

Ok, so this wk we didnt make Rio's, it wasnt my idea i was up for going but turned out tht none of the girls had the will power or funds togo and the blokes, well jst didnt come out for the night. So we went out for dinner at Satchwell's which was good fun. I think its the 1st saturday where I actually remember going out and coming bck, bar my 1st drink i was on coke all night. Anyways it was a good night gave us time to all catch up and turn out to be a, well… very educational night would be one way of putting it. Guys if ur girlfriend says that BOB is coming over for the night be very worried.

Jst before we left I went for a pee and the manager was waitin in the toilets so he could lock up, when i when to was my hands i managed to pull the soap think off the wall and I turn and looked at the manager and said bugger, to be fair he didnt look too impressed so i made a quick exit.

Walked to the top of town then down to the bottom to meet everyone else where a random drunk decided he would take on the whole group (8 strong) which was kinda funny. lol. Then bck up to the car and home by 1ish. Oh and on the way home we put my oldie CD on so there was an element of cheese for the night.

Oh yerr and Elaine managed to miss her mouth and end up with half a galss of Woo Woo all over her skirt. lol. Jst looked like she had no bladder control. And I think I owe everyone some moeny because I seemed to have more oney than I started with, I think know £6–7 is V's cos she gave me £10 for one drink and didnt get any change.

The night did teach me one thing, which was you dont need tobe drunk to have a good time, its all about the company your with, and I had all ma best friends with me ;)

There are only 3 photos up this time, it wasnt really a photo night and I guess there wont be many for the nxt few wks as the girls arent goin clubbin for a while and they have their holiday soon too (lucky gits) ;)

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  1. Elaine

    It was NOT half a glass! Lol. And it dried without staining which is always good!

    Oh yeah and you forgot to mention that the guys have initiated you into the group by chucking coins into your pint last week! lol.

    22 Aug 2005, 17:13

  2. Yerr, Totally forgot about tht. SO wht r the benefits to bein in the group? do i get a T–shirt or a badge? And yes it was half a glass.

    22 Aug 2005, 18:43

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