August 14, 2005

Here we go again

Yes its a Sunday which can only mean one things, its recovery time from Rios. Was an excellent night to be had by all Im lead to believe. Though unfortunatly there are no photos this week due to a technique problem, well i say technique Elaine didnt charge the batteries up long enough. Its true wht they say about women and technology, only jokin. ;)

Started well and only got better, picked Vanessa, Elaine, and Julie up on the way into town and I have to say all three were looking stunning as usual ;). Went to Satchwells to met everyone for Mark's B'day and then bumped into Woolley later on as it was his B'day too. After afew drinks we headed for Rios not before bumping into V's bro who told me to look after her, aww, I think I kept her out of trouble and thanks again to Lucinder and her dad Chris for letting us alll in for free and without having to queue. To which the girls were surprised at, it did mean that they could stay a bit longer and finish of the other bottle of wine in their own time.

Also rumour has it that Im going out with Vanessa and Elaine, how good is that? ;) Apparently V's mum spoke to sum1 else who said that I keep picing her up to go out on Saturday nights, and I guess people have just seen me and Elaine in town together. It was a funny suprise though. lol

In Rios the usual things happened got drunk and danced the night away, though I had slightly too much to drink and had to sit down for a hour or so which pissed me off cos i wanted to go dance bet knew I would be ill if I didnt have a rest. Then after Rios I had the regular chat with V saying that we could both walk home, yerr, which would be fine but its like a 2hr walk to V's and another hour for me. So we went taxi hunting which took a while, and we some how managed to pick the most expensive taxi (what can I say its, a gift).

So all in all a very good night, though very expensive its seems from the lack of money I have, talking of which V, there is no way ur gonna pay me back. lol.

Oh, and I think I might be giving Sugar a miss on Tuesday, yess I know im worried too, but I feel the need to have a easy wk and do nothing instead of workin my ass of everyday just to go drink it all away every Tuesday and Saturday.

Does anyone know where I left my car?

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  1. Elaine

    Aw did we look stunning? Thanks.

    Ha ha u threw up.

    And Woolley asked if we were shagging and said u had soft lips and others things which we won't go into…

    17 Aug 2005, 17:30

  2. You did all 3 of ya, very pretty. No scrap tht beautiful ;) would put the pics up but sum1 forgot to charge the camera.

    And ok, i may have had too much to drink but you all got into Rios for free so there.

    I dont want to discuss the nxt point, and I dont know wht Woolley was gion on about, but thts Woolley for ya

    17 Aug 2005, 17:59

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