January 18, 2006

Found Them!!

Ok now when I moved into Uni over a year ago I managed to loose my Okley sunglasses. After searching for many weeks I gave up the hunt, only to find them this morning tucked into me steel toe-capped shoes. Yey, now I've just got to wait for summer I guess.

Finished our Business Plan and submitted that today which is great, I not have 2 less deadlines to bug me. Picked up my new hard drive (34.Gb Raptor SATA), probably means nothing to most of you, but basically it means its quick and will make some of my programs run quicker.

Oh Kate, here's a link to the ES2A5 stuff that you somehow managed to break

Oh and for yesterday:

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  1. elaine

    lol that's just disappointing. i expected you to tread on them when you were putting your shoes on! anyway, who the hell stores £200 sunglasses in a SHOE?! Tool. :-p

    23 Jan 2006, 12:50

  2. Well to be fair there was some thinking behind it. My bag was full and my shoes are steel toe capped and so I thought the chances of them getting broken whil moving into uni would be a lot slimer if I put them in my hows.

    23 Jan 2006, 13:21

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