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September 30, 2005

Mirage, oh sorry Evolve

Ok was the 1st time I got go to Mirage since the changes. I was putting it off as everyone from Leam said it was crap, but I have to say it was a good night, ok granted the amount of alcohol many have had something todo with it but it was a good night.

Got to meet a few people I haddnt seem since last year. Louise was, well hammered, I think thts the best description I can give. Bumped into Dennis who I think wanted to hit me after I made all of his bottled beers (4) fizz up and went down his top, wasnt too impessed. But it was a great night, even better was that I had no lectures till 2 so I had a big lyin and had no hangover. Great.

I was meant to meet up with Lou (from Leam) to say bye before she went off to uni, but i ran out of time, Sorry chuck. Also Jenni have fun at uni, shes a fresher and off to Essex uni on Saturday, have fun you'll love it. Were all off to Skool Dayz, tomorrow night so I expect to see many of you there.

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