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September 28, 2005

1st House Party

Now this wasnt a planned party before I get inundated with loads of complaints because you didnt get invited.

The plan for the night was to meet everyone still left in Leam for a final night out at Spoon for 8. As usual i was late, this was because I had freshers' help todo after uni, anyways. Got back and got sum snap and lots of drink so tht I wouldnt have to spend much money as I have none.

Got to Spoon at 9, and found the group with Claire drunk as usual, stopped off for a quick pint before starting to queue for Sugar. The queue for Sugar was huge and we were in the normal queue not the queue skip, so after like 40 min we decided that we werent going to get in, though Louise was adamant tht the queue had moved till we pointed out tht we had all basically compacted the queue. Anyways, Sugar was off and Rio's was closed and we couldnt find out about Mirage, (sorry Evolve for all u newbies). So me with my bright ideas decided to invite everyone back to mine. So after a quick run to Tescos for mush needed alcohol replenishment we started off for mine. Now in hine sight, yes a Taxi would have been a gd idea as everyone complaint about the walk, though I had, had my bright idea for the weeek lol. I did also offer to swap shoes with Lou again and also carry Jennie back.

When we arrived Scott was there and the fun began, was a really good night though I did have to spend a while clearing up this mornin. Joel and Mackie were out and didnt turn up till later, but was a good night and we got to meet the neighbours, though I had wished it to be under better circumstances. Like they say, the best nights are the ones that you dont lookforward to nor plan. Few points to finish on though.

1st off my apollogies to Jennie, I've had words with James and he WILL behave next time. Also I shall have the photos of my nights our with you guys up on the wall by the end of tomorrow so you can come have a look then Lou, (she wasnt too impressed tht there were none of her) also, I think you might still have my socks, lol.

Was a great night, got to say a fairwell to many of my Leam friends and couldnt think of any better way to finish on. Had Lou and Debbie over today too, and between them have copied half of my music library I think. Anyways cheers guy and gals for a great night and have fun at uni, and we shall have several good nights out when we all get back if im not comin to see you at uni.

As usual comments welcome, I see tobe running a bit low on those at the moment ;)

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