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October 26, 2005

Sugar 25/10

Was a really good nightout, started off in the Well where I met up with Claire and did the usual Warwick Vs Coventry Uni Rant, then went off to Sugar. Not before puttin a fire out in a bin outside pizza hut. After we put the fire out we flagged down a fire engine who decided to put it out again (we didnt do the best job). Claire saw this as a photo opportunity more than anything with the fire crew. We also tried to get a lift to Sugar in the fire engine as we kinda put the fire out beofre they got there.

Got to sugar early so it was kinda empty, soon picked up though. Bumped into loads of people, decided to have a go at Anna because Scott kept complainin tht hes was always ignored. Thinkin now, I think I could of been a bit more tactful ;) Bumped in to the B'day girl Clare (without the I). Was a really good night.

I did start drinking but was very restrained and have now decided that I am going to cut down to like 1 or 2 drinks for a night out, this way I can save money, and repair my image too, am also thinkin of stoppin drink altogether but gonna do a wk or so on a small amount of drink and c wht happens 1st though.

Tis a Wednesday which means not long till im off to Sunny (wishfull thinking) Aber. Of which I have jst been informed has nothing todo barr walk up a hill. hmm Will have to show them how Warwick do things me thinks ;)

Oh yerr I took loads of photos but Im thinkin tht I need to re-organise the gallery or might even put them sumwhere else, so watch this space

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