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October 24, 2005


Well not much has happened, but still after a complaint from Elaine saying that I haddnt put dated for awhile I thought it was about due an updated. So whts happened since, err not alot.

Decided on Thursday night that I would go a week without drinkin and after a chat with sum friends this might go permanent. T total or at least cut it down to like 1 or 2 drinks on a night out, like they say u dont need alcohol to have fun. It also todo with a promise I made many years ago which I had a visio that I might break. Dont get me wrong Im not an excessive drinker, but I think the image I seem to have created is one which I would like to disappear quickly as its a very unaccurate image, those who know me SHOULD agree. Plus when u look at it, wht does it give you, a hangover if you get ur numbers wrong and its not really cheap either. So watch this space as Im intending a few changes in my lifestyle, starting with drinking. Its not like I find it hard not to go without drink its jst u join in when everyone's out for the night, but like Laura said "sheep" lol.

On a better note, Im off to Aber to see Elaine, yey, cant wait booked the time off work even though the old boss wasnt too happy and got ma tickets so I shall be gone from Friday till Sunday afternoon. Will be fun although as Elaine cant cook I stuppidly said I would cook when I get there (10ish) which will be a laugh, so shes gonna go out and buy food and I will cook, it might be a nice meal when I decide wt to make and depending on how im feelin when I get there. But not long to go now only 4 days. YEY ;)

The old uni work is starting to pile up now with bridge building, Business, and Forensic all eatting into the little time tht I have free. Plus I have work work todo. Sumhow I think im not gonna have much free time over the nxt few wks.

Off to Sugar as per usual on Tuesday for Clare's B'day which should be cool, will also be different goin completely sober, but fun all the same.

Well thts all I think for them time bein, any big changes i'll keep you all posted ;)

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