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August 15, 2005

Say Cheese!

After workin out that I must be the only one at work (Jessops) who actually hasnt got a digital camera for nights out I thought it was time to invest. With the very generous staff discount I we and brought one of these, there is really one main reason for buying a new camera, and its called Saturdays. Most nights im out someone brings a camera to firstly to take the mick out of everyone the day after we all go out (check the Home Sweet Home gallery) and secondly to help with pieceing the night together for those of us who got too drunk to remember anything (not me!). What camera? I hear you cry, well its the olympus mini, not the best quality camera but will do for nights outs.

So remember people simile cos its coming with me EVERY time were out and yes, the photos will be up on this blog by the end of the day after (need time to recover from nights out myself) ;)

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