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September 13, 2005

God Damn Panic Fuel Buying

NO guesses for wht this is gonna be about. After spending the whole day listen to how people were queuing for hrs, and also the fact that I had to queue for 20min to get into Leam because of the school run, the Parade being dug up, and everyone buying fuel. Anyway after work I braced myself for a long wait and also worked out the quickest way to get to the pump buy skipping the queue (thts down to gettin to skip queues in Rios ;) ). I was the nxt to goin in and watched the women in front of the pump try and fill her car up, I say try because it looked like she was out witted by it lol. Anyway I guess she didnt know tht you have to wait for the pump to reset before you can used it as she thought it was broken and then decided to go in and tell the man. Frank now pissed off. Then the cheap fuel didnt work so she was forced to use the more expensive stuff. She decided to fill it to the top, and then by the looks of things all over the floor. When she finally left I was left fillin my car up in a pool of petrol, was slightly worried by then. When i went to pay I asked the bloke how much he had left and he said there was loads of the expensive one left but everyone had taken the cheap stuff, typical. What really piseed me off was the fact tht people were only topping theirs up when people like me actually had no fuel, and theres not gonna be a fuel shortage, can you people get that into ur thick skulls.

Only 3 days left now till the girls are back yey. think this has been the longest Ive been without seenin them missin u all ;) oh and still no postcard, but I guess tht'll turn up after you get bck knowing the Spanish postal system. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Louise, promise we'll have a huge party when everyone gets bck.

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