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December 04, 2005

Up One Mintue Down The Next

Jst found out my best mate's grandfather died today. Werid how one minute you can be fine, then the next your at the bottom again. Me and Ell go way back I met him in year 3, we were always around at each others house. I met his gradfather many times, he was a great bloke, a funny bloke, always saw the bright side of everything.

My heart goes out to you Ell, and your family, if theres anything I can do you know where I am.

RIP Ell's Grandfather.


Well thats it done, 10 weeks worth of uni all done, where the hell did that go? Has been a busy last week, have begun work on the carbonfoot print assignment and need to start the MATLAB stuff ( I have no idea how todo it thought). Hopefully I'll have them all finished within the next two weeks, so I a little business work todo and also need to go over the maths for the term. Yey.

Went to the ICE presentation on wednesday after gettin like 101 Emails from Hannah saying that it changed times cheers chuck. Thursday we finished lecturesand got most of the numbers for our balance sheets etc done with Dan. Friday didnt do much on campus, tried to losts of the carbonfoot print stuff but didnt get much done in the end. Oh went out for lunch with a few mates ebfore we all went home. Also heard on the grapevine that I missed a goodnight on Thursday night, damn.

Anyways guess I wont see many of you now till next year so all have a great christmas and happy new year. Hannah, hope you have a great time in Canada. Laura, hope your trip to Spain is relaxing. Amy, have a cool xmas with your mates, anf Nicky have a great time skiing, and try and behave :P

Also found out that a few people I know from engineering got beaten up on Friday night, hope you guys are ok, and I felt embarassed to live in Leam after reading this . I have to say after living in leam for many years ive never had anything like this happen to me or my mates. Makes me very angry grr.

Oh just before I finish, Ive lost my Warwick huddie this time :P think its in F211 so if anyone finds it hold on to it please. Think im loosing the plot now that I seem to loose something every week at uni lol. ;)

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