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September 03, 2005

Shock Horror

Now as you can see by the time alone, Im not out for the night, in fact im not even drunk. Whys this I hear you cry? Well reason for this is because even though I spent the whole day looking forward to going out it turns out that hardly anyone was out and those who where out didnt want to go to Rios. Well there was about 3 tht wanted togo but I decided tht even if I did go then I would have to much some serious effort in to have fun. So short version is I went into town had a drink and then came bck.

OH, though did have a nice surprise, V came to see me at work which was the highlight of the day, had bin ages since I'd seen her, though she didnt come out for a drink :'(

I think the night wouldnt have gone down too well anyway because I usually go out with my bestest friends in the world, V and Elaine. But Elaine decided to go else where, yerr im shocked too. :O

Though meeting Elaine on Tuesday, will be the last dayout before she heads back off to Uni, though am tryin to organise a night out after they all cum bck from their holiday so tht we can have one last big night out together before everyone heads bck to uni, leaving just me and V to hold the fort.

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