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February 24, 2016


The coaching session today has helped me in better understanding that when people need support, it is important to do not give the easiest answer (solution). Instead, the most important thing that we can do is helping them in finding their solution. In fact, if we want to offer an effective contribute when helping our colleagues, it is crucial to actively listening them and avoiding putting in their mouth our words. Since as Graeme said today: “Who has the problem own the content”; therefore, it is truly crucial giving them what they need and not what we want. This, is an important concept to apply in the context of leadership, since effective leader are committed in improving the capabilities of their followers, thus, coaching them is one piece of the bigger picture.

February 22, 2016

Drive your followers!!!

Today class has been extremely insightful! In fact, putting in practise different leadership styles, I learned that there is not a solely characteristic that allows a leader to be effective instead, there are a wide range of interchangeable ways of acting for leading effectively. On the other hand, the only aspect that seems to me being always at the heart of the module learning points is that the most important task that leaders should accomplish is driving the improvement of their followers since they are the most important organisation’s asset. Therefore, in order to be the catalyst of this process, they must act ethically and sincerely but, at the same time, they always should look for opportunity that can allow the growth of the entire team.

February 13, 2016


During the first week of my LE I am realizing that leadership is one of the most is a rare quality and it requires lifetime commitments. In this forum I would like to reflect on the differences between leaders and managers. Particularly, from my point of view, management is more about controlling and planning. Leadership is about deal with changes, inspire, motivate and influence people. Based on this, managers produce order and love predictability. On the other hand, leadership produces changes and adaptability in order to accomplish the vision of the company, also leaders are likely to transform their organisation in order to adapt it to the rapidly business environment, while managers are more focused on managing their organisation for higher profitability.

However, in order to survive organisations need ideally both features in one person. In fact, organisations who want to excel among their competitor, need to have good leaders that are aimed on developing the human capital of the organisation, that is the most important asset that an organisation has, but at the same time have to have capable manager that are focused on increase company’s margins.

February 11, 2016


Today, we experienced the powerful of feedbacks and their importance. Personally, I believe that if accepted genuinely they can catalyse our improvements since they lead to reflection. Doing so, we can critically examine our performance appreciating what we did well and what we could do better.

However, in this light it seems crucial, not only accept feedback in order to grow faster and more effectively, but also is important to reflect on the approach used while we are giving feedback, since a negative approach could eliminate all of the benefits that come from the feedbacks. In fact, who gives feedback should consider the emotional aspect of the process, thus, effective leaders who want to enhance the capability of their team should capture this occasion as an opportunity for communicating with their followers understanding their needs and wants, and therefore to guide them towards better future performance. In my view, this could be considered as an opportunity for growing at both personal and professional level, in fact, reflecting and evaluating our performance is crucial for understanding where we are and where we want to be.

February 10, 2016


During this week, I found myself several times reflecting on leadership and on its deeper meaning and this has led me to many thoughts. Well, even though I believe that there is not an absolute definition that can be considered satisfying in fully describing it, because of its multifaceted essence, I found one that I think contains most of the leadership features:

“The sum of all the intellectual and behavioural characteristics that allow the leader to bring people together for the same goal”.

In other words, leaders should understand that what drives people are feeling and emotions (intrinsic motivations) thus, listening and effectively communicating with them for building trust relationships, is imperative for an effective leadership. In this view, the psychological side of leadership become crucial! In fact, leaders have to show interest for their people and they have to help them in developing their intellectual and technical skills. Doing so, it will be a win-win game where the follower can genuinely give all of its best for achieving its goals and the leader will have an always more capable team that can achieve higher targets.

Do you guys think that it happens in the real word?

I believe that it should be interesting discussing about what happens in most companies around the word, considering also our previous experience. We could learn even more from this module, what do you think?

February 2016

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