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March 06, 2016

RDM Journey

The learning points of RDM module have been extremely interesting as well as unexpected! In fact, after the first class, I realized that due to the lack of critical thinking often people decision making abilities are mostly emotions-driven therefore they lead to unpredicted consequences.

Particularly, the biggest problem that people have is that usually they make decisions purely based on the interpretation of their senses, leading to superficial and irrational decisions. Based on this, it is crucial, both at professional and personal level, using powerful tools that could guide us in making more effective decisions based on facts, data and knowledge. Doing so, it will be possible developing a series of alternative solutions that can be weighted in relation to all of the information gathered, thus, the decision made would be the result of a rational thought process.

Moreover, it is important to consider that, even following a thought process, we cannot be sure to make the best decision, simply because there never is the best decision! Instead, making a decision considering all of the possible variables and uncertainties and collecting all of the needed information, we can increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for our decision!

To be honest, before than starting this module, I have never thought about this and how our judgement abilities can drive us towards inaccurate decisions and therefore unwanted surprises. In fact, at the beginning of the module, I personally believed to own effective decision-making skills. However, thanks to Jef, I realized that it is crucial supporting our personal skills and boosting them through the application of tools – such as AHP, SMART and Risk Analysis, just to name a few – which surely enhance the power and effectiveness of our decisions.

Therefore, once again, being at the half of my way of my learning journey, I am always surer that all of these experiences are enriching my personal profile and I am truly confident that, in the long-term, all of the knowledge and competences that I am acquiring, will be crucial in guiding me towards a bright professional path!

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