September 29, 2004

my first diary

The goal for the coming year is to finish my MA study successfully. I hope to be a qualified teacher. And i wish i am a fully developed person.After my MA study, i may continue my Phd degree,but it depends on how my MA study goes on.

As a recent graduates without teaching experience, i may not do well as those who have teaching experience.I would try my best to cope well with others and learn something from them.

As i have mentioned before, i have studies business administration in my undergraduate university, i really want to combine business and english together.Perhaps i will teach business english in the future.Coming from a business family, i find myself still interested in business.I know there is a specific purpose for business english, but i can not study it without experience.You may give me some good suggestions.

On the other hand, i wish i can be a part time receptionist in the international office. Because I like meeting new friends and help them with their problems.I like a multi-cultural life, which i think is fantastic.During my work in roots restaurant in the annal confenrence week, i meet all kinds of guests coming from different country.I appreciate such a good opportunity to have conference with so many experts, and i hope i will be one of them in the future

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