September 26, 2005

Now this is repulsive

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No, I don't normally read the Sunday Mirror. (or any other tabloid) Those who know me know me as a Guardian reading lefty, and proud of it. Still, I came across a copy on the bus yesterday, and allowed my eyes to stray over the headline.


Maxine, of course, would be Maxine Carr, the woman notable in her involvement in the Soham Murders. Also, tabloid enemy number one. So, what has she done now? What is it that the Sunday Mirror finds so utterly outrageous?

She decided to visit, in private, the murdered girls' grave. Where she wept, and left teddy bears. And even worse:

Yet Carr – jailed for lying to protect the girls' killer Ian Huntley – wants to return EVERY YEAR.

Oh my lord, the horror, the horror.

Really. The horror. This, people, is a vision of the future. The Mirror, one of the UK's largest papers, has now decreed remorse to be a crime. When Maxine, whose only connection to the case was that she stood by her trusted boyfriend and provided a false alibi, decides to visit the grave of his victims to express her regret, and to try to make her peace with the dead, she is branded as a sick villain.

Why is the Mirror doing this? It moans about the cost of protecting her anonymity, but then publishes her address every now and then, leading her to recieve death threats. It moans about her getting educated in psychology. It notes, with bloodthirsty relish, her attempts at suicide. Do most of the readers of the Mirror visit the Soham girls' graves? Do the staff of the Mirror go there, ever? Why do they so want to hold this wound open to fester and rot? The explanation is pure, simple greed, and here they are trying to elevate themselves morally, making themselves the great noble judge, the crusader for justice.

Now this is sick. Gut wrenchingly, vomit-inducingly sick.

And yet, people still keep buying the newspaper. Any readers here to tell me why?

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  1. I feel your pain Zhou :(

    In a similar vain (but not quite as sick), why on earth has a bloody model doing drugs and getting dumped from her contracts made headline news?!

    26 Sep 2005, 11:54

  2. Phil

    I had to double check they weren't talking about Myra Hindley

    26 Sep 2005, 16:16

  3. Hear hear – well said.

    26 Sep 2005, 17:03

  4. Thomas Paine

    Yes, the tabloid newspapers are one of the things about this country which make me decidedly unpatriotic.

    27 Sep 2005, 17:57

  5. Screw the UK - and England. They are both synonyms for the South East anyway. Nothing to do with me.

    05 Oct 2005, 16:20

  6. Colin

    The sunday mirror story is a lie designed to try to cash in on childmurder – not v. successfully either, 99.9999% newspapers end up in the rubbish bin over 90% of a paper is unread, everybody knows reporters are liars. Its not what the public wants! Did they get permission to photograph those girls' graves? Disgraceful.

    08 Oct 2005, 15:10

  7. If it weren't for 'illegal' immigrants and paedophiles, the media would have to find another monster to sell their papers with horrors stories – witches and worlocks perhaps?!

    09 Oct 2005, 12:17

  8. "And yet, people still keep buying the newspaper. Any readers here to tell me why?"

    Yes, I will. It's an intelligent and sophisticated, accurate source for what's going on in the world – ie. news.


    23 Oct 2005, 21:50

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