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October 10, 2004

The Day of the Spam

Today will be recorded as the day I received the first piece of spam on my warwick email account.

This is bad. Very bad.

Because, as we all know, spammers pass on lists to each other. Thus, before long, every spammer in the world would have my email, and the deluge of spam will increase roughly exponentially. Worse, the University uses this email to contact me, so I'll end up having to wade in each day.


I'm not entirely certain where they got the address from. Can they get emails off warwick blogs? My hope is that they are randomly guessing, and so may just give up.

On the bright side of things, I just got a GMail invite. Yay!

Spam levels in all my accounts:

Hotmail(1): 100/day. (I don't bother checking it. It's probably been deleted.)
Hotmail(2): 0. (I don't use this account any more. Just a login for MSN.)
Freeserve (1): 30/day
Freeserve (2): 50/day (I think I wrote some articles online in which I naively mentioned these addresses. BAD idea)
Polarisboard: 0. (I never use this account except for special stuff. )
Warwick: 1, so far.

What about you lot?

Site of the day is The Internet Mapping Project.

Just go and gawk.

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