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July 21, 2014

Final entry on Introduction to Academic Writing

Workshop Tutor: Dr.Emma Smith

Well here i am, writing my final entry for the academic writing workshop!

Dr. Emma Smith, I want you to know that undertaking this module has helped me a lot as far as my writing skills are concerned. It helped me identify my mistakes and common errors in my writing which usually went unnoticed to me.

I am sure that undertaking this workshop has provided me the foundation needed for practical real word writing scenarios.I was too easily confused as far as the location of "comma" was concerned. Through this workshop, i understood the significance of developing an outline of your work before commencing it.

Currently, i undertake the practise of writing the important points to be covered in a paragraph initially and then go about expanding it and structuring it properly which in a way helps because it lets me focus on the point of interest rather than deviating away from it and thus keeping my work organised and clearly structured. A common mistake of using inflated sentences seems to be a thing of the past now.

Furthermore,I understood the importance of doing a spelling and grammer check before submitting my work so as to maximise my chances of scoring higher in my work. I also understood the significance of using several words that mean differently and thus avoid repetition in my work.

Last but not the least, i would like to thank you with all my heart for the effort that you have put in for organising the workshop and helping us identify our mistakes and improve upon them. I am very grateful to the entire team at WSPA for thinking out of the box and planning and executing workshops which target at the most common weaknesses of students and help them improve for the better.

Thank you!

June 26, 2014

Follow–up on Introduction to Academic Writing

Workshop Tutor: Dr Emma Smith

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points

Thank you for your last blog comments and i hope this blog will meet your requirements on reflective writing.

It took me quite a while to figure out where i used to go wrong. I looked up at all my past assignments and literature reviews and after having read the feedback and having analysed some common mistakes as far as my writing is concerned, are highlighted below.

One of the most common mistakes i make is while using the apostrophes. I have a habit of being impatient which leads to these errors. One of the common mistakes that i have made in the past is writing it is as its wherein it should have been it's, and writing does'nt as doesnt in a hurry.

Secondly, flat writing and big sentences in certain cases have been highlighted by my reviewers. I will have to learn to give my sentences a proper depth and texture to make it interesting for the reader. Basically, the sentences i put up convey the same meaning but since they are huge sentences the interest of the reader in reading them decreases.Thus this is another aspect of my writing which i will have to take great care of in my disseration.

Thirdly, where to put in commas is a big thinker for me. I specially make a lot of mistakes in this regard which i can clearly see in my past work. Sometimes i forget putting in a single comma and on the other hand sometimes i put loads of them into my text which is wrong. I need to learn how to properly phrase my sentences and put the commas in appropriate places so as to make the text interesting and give a better impact on the reader with properly defined pauses.

Lastly, i have a habit of exaggerating things. Since i am a science student i cannot afford excessive exaggeration of things and provide greater detailed facts for that matter, but i am very prone to exaggeration which leads to big sentences.

These are some of the common writing errors that i have noticed with some of my past work which i believe can be sorted out and overcome provided i read my work atlease twice or thrice before submitting. Since i have my thesis and disseration due soon i will definately have a deadline of getting rid of most of these mistakes as soon as i can, so as to improvise and get better marks for my literary work in the future.

May 30, 2014

Follow–up on Introduction to Academic Writing

Workshop Tutor: Dr Emma Smith

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points

Academic Writing is the very heart of our academic life. Expressing ones ideas and sharing of thoughts through writing is indeed a difficult task because the perceptions of the writer and the reader do not match. Thus to percieve our ideas into the mind of the other person is quite a task i believe.

After thorough reading and speculation of my previous works, I have discovered some SMART action points about which i will focus in my future endeavours.

Firstly, I have noticed that proper structuring of your work is very important. The work that you present should be neat, concise and clear. There is no point is giving the best work without a proper structure as it wont arouse the interest of the reader. Thus for a good report, a well defined Introduction followed by a main body and then the conclusion followed by references is very important as it helps the reader to focus on specific aspects of the report. A small significant introduction helps the reader identify the topic areas covered in the article and hence is very important.

Secondly, punctuation plays a very important role in effective writing. Good punctuation makes the relationship between the words in the sentences clear and easy to understand for the readers perspective. Misusing or inappropriate punctuation can cause a possible obscuring of the intended message contained in the sentence.

Thirdly, reasoning your work, grammer, punctuation and structure can help you in preparing a perfect draft to match the expectations of the reader. Each sentence should have a proper element of reasoning to it to help keep the interest of the reader intact. Be clear about what we intend to say and thus put it in a simple and easily able to understand manner so as to develop a lasting impression on the reader.

Lastly, reviewing your work is very important as it helps us identify the areas of error and helps us correct it. A good writer always reviews his work over and over again to help construct the next to ideal article. Reviewing helps us find a better way of constructing a sentence, making a long sentence smaller and adding more detail to a specific sentence. Thus the above list of some of the SMART action points that i will keep in mind in all my future works will help me present my work in a better and more efficient manner.

January 30, 2014

First entry on Introduction to Academic Writing

Workshop Tutor: Dr Emma Smith


One of the most significant things essentially required during the Master's course is good acadmic writing because of the number of assignments, reports, dissertations, etc that we have to write during the lenght of the course. Thus, the main reason of attending this workshop was to improve on my literary skills and the workshop tutor Dr. Emma Smith full with restless vitality and confidence made sure that the workshop turned out to be attractive and informative at the same time.

Academic Writing as such requires a lot of research work that has to be put up into the report with careful reading and finding the relevant information and making sure you note down the key points and not forgetting to add in the references as you are reading and writing.

Furthermore, being critical and evaluative, i belive is one of the significant factors that contribute towards a successful well written document. Criticality arises from the fact that the writer can think up of something new which is obtained from current resources and thus put in and explain something better in his own words which is already present in some article. Secondly, i believe interpreting the question correctly and understanding the indepth meaning of the things that are being questioned in the question can sometimes help you not to deviate from the topic.

I would also like to add one of the other things that i learnt from this workshop was the importance of a well structured introduction and a conclusion. I was under the impression that conclusion doesnt matter much and the main body is where we should focus on, but after this workshop i am very clear about lucid and clear conclusions and introductions.

The use of proper academic style is also some of the important things covered in this workshop which will help me for my future work.

Well, by concluding the use of reviewing what you have written i believe is something that i am going to start off with as one of the most significant action points learnt from this workshop in order to avoid making common mistakes that we dont come up with while writing an article. I would try and space some time out for this from my very next assigment due next week and i am sure that by using this practise it will benefit me a lot.

Thank You


  1. Reviewing Academic Work

  2. Being Critical and Evaluative

  3. Academic style

  4. Well structured introduction and conclusion

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