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January 17, 2014

Follow–up on Effective learning strategies

Workshop Tutor: Gillian Marriot

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points

  1. Positive state of mind

    In the past days i have noticed that how significant an effect having a positive state of mind have on our overall personality. Having a positive state of mind with enough sleep can help you perform at your maximum efficiency particularly during exam times and when there are a lot of assignments and reports to submit during the busy days of the term. Thus this particular action point helps me a lot in getting away with the peer pressure of submissions and work deadlines and helps me focus on my work better.

  2. Self awareness

    The lectures at wspa paricularly also focus on better and greater self awareness that an individual should have towards himself and his surroundings. Being self aware helps you to understand your needs and requirements better and helps you integrate with the society around you without much fear or shyness. Being self aware and having the confidence in you can help you stand and deliver your thoughts and ideas in front of multiple other people without the fear of rejection and being laughed up at. Thus being more self aware is helping me a lot with my academics and i am noticing a positive change and an upward trend in the amount of confidence and faith that i am having in myself nowadays conpared to earlier days when i had just joined the university and it was a strangers land for me, now i can get along better with my class mates and can ocassionally hang out with them because of this particular action point

  3. Reflective

    Adopting some of the actions points at wspa and working along and implementing the action points in day to day life at the university has helped and continues to help me a great deal in my studies and academics at the univesity. Being time bound and setting up priorities i beleive is one of the most important action point that i always implement in my day to day life because that helps me to plan my work better and in turn work more efficiently towards a particular deadline and hence avoid the frustration and the peer pressure of the less amount of time that i have to finish off the work.

  4. Time management

    Wspa particularly also focusses on better time management and how to improve our time management skills while at the university and beyond. I definately beleive one of the most important aspects in our time at the university is time management. Better time management skills which thanks to wspa, i have learnt in these past few months have given me the composure and calmness with which i can approach a huge number of assignments and test wich are due soon. Thus setting up my priorities with the amount of work and the date by which the work has to be done by gives me better work handling capabilities and thus helps me to get rid of nervousness and last minute panic attacks.

December 02, 2013

Follow–up on Effective learning strategies

Workshop Tutor: Gillian Marriot

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points

  1. Being Motivated

    Being motivated is something i believe one of the most crucial action points for myself and my studies. The reason being i am here doing my masters while my friends and my family members are back in India, having left everything behind and to study independently in a new country is something that can let you back by thinking about the past and missing out on friends and family members specially when you have never stayed alone without them!

  2. Having a positive state of mind

    Always having a positive state of mind helps and i myself always try to have a positive state of mind, having which can see that my job is half done just because of the kind off approach i have towards a particular task. I believe, leaving all the negative things and thought behind and approaching towards a task with the willingness and the will, will always get you the task done more efficiently than before.

  3. Cream Strategy

    Activeness is one of the main action points which according to me suits me the most. The weather in England is very lousy and lazy and thus is one particular action point on which i am focussing the most at this point of time. I try to exercise daily, if not then go for long walks around the university and breathe fresh oxygen so that i am always active all the time to do my work on time and better than before.

  4. Setting up priorities

    The month of november which is almost the last month of the term before christmas vacations had a series of exams and submissions which i had to complete effectively and submit on time. Thus i noticed using the CREAM strategies helped me a lot in being time bound and effective in submitting all the assignments on time. I hope to take it up in the future for the terms to come!

November 08, 2013

Follow–up on Effective learning strategies

Workshop Tutor: Gillian Marriot

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points

  1. Self Aware

    Self awareness is the ability to recognise onselfs abilities and achievements in a group of people. By implementing an active learning strategy for myself, i can try and strive in a particular type of work. Secondly, by being more self aware i can organise my space, time and priorities in a constructive way.

  2. Motivated

    A motivated learning is when you are enjoying learning something and are motivated to go further in the process of acquiring more and more knowledge about a particular task or activity. For example, if i take up dancing, i should always derive fun out of it to be motivated at all times and be able to think of a set goal and keep on working towards it and always go on encouraging myself to do better and better with every passing day.

  3. Reflective

    By being reflective i can analyze and evaluate from my past experiences and draw lessons from it. Secondly, if the past experiences were bad its always better to face our fears, because by doing that you leave your comfort zone and hence makes you more energized with a positive state of mind.

  4. Positive state of mind

    Our state of mind has amazing effect on our lives. Firstly, i believe to be able to have a positive state of mind one should start playing sports or be active physically because by doing so it helps your blood to flow to all the parts of the body which makes you feel better and in a better mood and well being. Even a 10 minute work out can do wonders to your self esteem and confidence.

October 25, 2013

First entry on Effective learning strategies

Workshop Tutor: Ceri Marriot


What is learning?

Well i suppose we have never given this single word a significant thought in our busy lives, but "learning" is something that we do all the time whether knowingly or unknowingly, we are always learning from our actions. Learning is a multi faceted process and it involves various stages in how we learn from the things we do in our day to day lives. Learning, in my perception can be defined as acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, skills, behaviour and our individual set of values. Learning is an ongoing process and the ability to learn effectively depends on individual to individual.

Firstly, learning is easier and more effective when an individual is in the correct state of mind. To make our learning more meaningful and effective we need to put in efforts to fully understand a topic of interest. Learning can also be achieved through day to day experiences. Secondly, having a positive attitude towards learning a specific topic is very essential and being organised in the right frame of mind helps us to learn better. Thirdly, learning constitutes of surface learning and deep learning. The latter being understanding things deeply rather than having short term and poor outputs. Efficient learning is when we are well organised and have set our priorities and short term and long term goals and are motivated towards it.

Well while concluding in my perception, the effective learning strategies workshop was very helpful for me wherein i was exposed to greater detailed facts of "learning". Furthermore, i will always try and devise effective learning strategies in the future for optimal learning purposes.


  1. Use C-R-E-A-M strategies

  2. Becoming more self aware

  3. Create a positive state of mind for learning

  4. Be organised and set my priorities with my clear goals and intentions

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