January 30, 2014

First entry on Effective seminar participation

Workshop Tutor: Mary Sage


To begin with, the purpose of joining this particular workshop was to enhance and grow my seminar participation skills.

I wanted to learn how to communicate and deliver effectively within a group of say 8-10 people and to maintain a good balance between what i speak and what others speak and thus not be over dominant over others to prove my point, but to patiently listen and interpret the points that are raised out by other people and then put my point of view forward whether or not i agree to that particular way of thinking and to promote active participation within the group.

Well, at the start of the workshop, we were seated in groups of four and had to introduce ourselves and the departments that we come from and this i think is one of the integral parts of attending a seminar wherein initially you introduce yourselves to fellow colleagues, which is the standard practise that goes across all the seminars that are conducted all over the world.

Some of the action points that i have set myself after this workshop are that for the future seminars that i may attend i will be more prepared and thorough with the things to expect at that particular seminar and the kind of information and data that is going to be discussed at that point in time so that i have my own relevant and important points to raise during the time of the seminar and if i get the opportunity to host a seminar i'l try and get everyone involved in the seminar in order to get the best out of everyone present at the seminar.

Secondly, i would also like to point out that actively listening to someones talks and positively appreciating the thoughts that they intend to deliver can really boost the confidence and well being of a person and inturn can harness the best out of them during the seminar.

Thirdly, having a positve body language also has a great impact on the speaker and the audience. If the speaker himself is not having a positive frame of mind, even the most attentive and concentrated audience wont have any interest in the talk. Hence maintaining proper posture, eye contact and being well dressed i believe are some of the important factors that can contribute to delivering a good seminar.

Last but not the least, Critical thinking is an action point which i believe holds a lot of importance in the kind of career prospects that i will be having in the near future. Hence developing those thinking abilities would also be something that i will broadly focus on.



  1. Well Prepared

  2. Active Listening

  3. Positive body language

  4. Critical thinking

To write a follow up, go to http://go.warwick.ac.uk/skills//blog

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  1. Mary Sage

    Hi Fahad

    This is a very good summary of the P5 workshop and what particular insights it had for you. You have set yourself some good action points, – however, they could do with being a bit more SPECIFIC: the first three are all to do with attendance at seminars, but you do not say when this will happen, and whether you regularly attend seminars at the moment, and if so how many per week. In your follow up blog, perhaps you could be a bit more specific and say how you plan to follow this through over a 4-5 week period. Are you able to differentiate between seminars you participate in and seminars you lead or “host”?

    I am interested, too, that you say you think being “well dressed” is important in delivering a good seminar. I wonder what exactly you mean by that and why you think it’s important?

    I’m intrigued by your 4th point – critical thinking. It’s not clear to me how this specifically fits with seminar participation. Perhaps you could expand on this a bit more in your next blog.

    I look forward to hearing about your progress in your follow up blog.

    Best wishes


    30 Jan 2014, 16:36

  2. Fahad Shaikh

    Hi Mary,

    I am extremely sorry for not being able to blog in the past couple of months..
    the primary reason being a lot of study load which barely left any time for blogging and secondly, due to a close death in my family i had to go back to my country and spend some time there

    I just wanted to ask you as to whether i can continue blogging for this skills workshop or do i need to attend it again and start the process from the start. I am very close to getting my WSPA AWARD and i dont want to lose it.

    Hope you understand

    Thanks and Regards
    Fahad Shaikh

    05 May 2014, 12:30

  3. Fahad Shaikh

    Hi Mary

    Please can you advise me on the plan of action. Can i start continuing with my blogging?

    The final blog submission date is quite near and i do not want to lose it after having completed the remaining blogging requirements.

    Please let me know

    Waiting for your reply

    Thanks and Regards

    Fahad Shaikh

    26 Jun 2014, 01:10

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