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October 25, 2013

Follow–up on Organising yourself and your time

Workshop Tutor: Lisa Faulkner

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points

  1. Doing my work on time before the deadlines

    The effective ways in which we can meet our deadlines are as follows:

    1. Staying organised and knowing and planning how to complete a set of things based on the deadlines and priorities.

    2. Avoiding Procrastination : We are all prey to feeling and thinking that there is enough time left to complete and assignment and inturn delay it further and further. The solution can be breaking up tasks into smaller sub tasks and finding a way of dealing with them effectively.

  2. Ranking tasks according to their priorities

    Ranking tasks according to their priorities is an effective way of dealing with them SMARTLY. Using soft deadlines for smaller tasks and sub tasks can be an effective way of dealing with tasks that are set to be completed first amongst others.

  3. Implementing all my tasks and events on a GANTT chart to simplify my work effectively

    I have started using the GANTT chart effectively and it is indeed very helpful in noting down tasks and the deadlines assigned to it. It helps us to breakdown the project into smaller tasks for efficient handling of the work.

  4. Identify my time stealers and learn better time management over them

    I have effectively tried and have overcome the effect of time stealers in my day to day life. Now i always plan my day in advance and ask myself "what is the best use of my time right now" and hence it helps me set priorities and focus my time and my energy on more significant tasks and now i do my best to complete one tasks completely before jumping on to another so that i dont waste my time coming back and spending significant time on the same tasks again. Moreover, i have started arranging set times of the day for friends, family and socialising.

Follow–up on Getting started on skills development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio

Workshop Tutor: Amanda Randall

Heres a summary of how I've been getting on with my action points

  1. Improve my leadership skills by motivating others in a team to achieve common objectives

    The appropriate solution i believe in getting better leadership skills is having a great idea and motivating a team to bring your own idea to life. Firstly, to be a leader you should be honest with yourself and your team and make honesty and ethical behaviour a key value and then the team will follow suit. Effective communication is one of the most significant quality that distinguishes you from a normal person and a leader. To be able to clearly describe what you want to get accomplished is extremely important.

  2. Self promote myself by speaking wherever appropriate and be in charge of the situation

    One of the key things that can help you to self promote yourself is getting an effective feedback from people around you. Secondly, having the self confidence in you can help in a big way in promoting your work. Joining a conversation with keys ideas in mind and interacting and delivering your ideas can help you gain better self confidence and help you promote yourself and be more open in delivering ideas in your mind.

  3. Planning and prioritising things and thus saving much of my valuable time

    The benefits of planning and prioritising things are many. The first and most effective being more responsible about your time better and managing it efficiently.Planning defines a better course of action. A well thought out and planned day helps us to make the most of our time while doing multiple things effectively.

  4. Improve my academic skills further

    Academic Skills is all about helping ourselves become a more effective learner at University level and developing the research and study skills that will help you now and in the future. Developing good academic skills will help us achieve the academic success that reflects your full potential. Most of the skills we will develop during your studies are transferable to future careers.

First entry on Effective learning strategies

Workshop Tutor: Ceri Marriot


What is learning?

Well i suppose we have never given this single word a significant thought in our busy lives, but "learning" is something that we do all the time whether knowingly or unknowingly, we are always learning from our actions. Learning is a multi faceted process and it involves various stages in how we learn from the things we do in our day to day lives. Learning, in my perception can be defined as acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, skills, behaviour and our individual set of values. Learning is an ongoing process and the ability to learn effectively depends on individual to individual.

Firstly, learning is easier and more effective when an individual is in the correct state of mind. To make our learning more meaningful and effective we need to put in efforts to fully understand a topic of interest. Learning can also be achieved through day to day experiences. Secondly, having a positive attitude towards learning a specific topic is very essential and being organised in the right frame of mind helps us to learn better. Thirdly, learning constitutes of surface learning and deep learning. The latter being understanding things deeply rather than having short term and poor outputs. Efficient learning is when we are well organised and have set our priorities and short term and long term goals and are motivated towards it.

Well while concluding in my perception, the effective learning strategies workshop was very helpful for me wherein i was exposed to greater detailed facts of "learning". Furthermore, i will always try and devise effective learning strategies in the future for optimal learning purposes.


  1. Use C-R-E-A-M strategies

  2. Becoming more self aware

  3. Create a positive state of mind for learning

  4. Be organised and set my priorities with my clear goals and intentions

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