May 08, 2012

5 tips to improve rock climbing techniques

1. Climb varied rock.

Whether or not you are training at a indoor climbing centre or at a local crag, a method to lengthen your bouldering or climbing session and keep a good level is to often alter the type of climbing. Deviation in this way will not merely allow your climbing period to be longer and more enjoyable, but may also enhance your actual technique. If you concentrate on a variation of bouldering or rock climbing routes you will be concentrating on any climbing technique flaws you have. Because of this, you are going to become a far more complete boulderer or climber with better technique. For variation, you could alternate between slab walls and overhang walls, short and long problems, technical and pumpy climbs, the options are endless. The selection of different kinds of climbing holds is another thing to consider. For example, your fingers will not be tested at all when you are swinging off big juggy holds. To better your technique and performance make an effort to concentrate on bouldering or climbing walls, and also, climbing moves with crimps and slopers.

2. A good climbing partner

A very good rock climbing tip. Having a good rock climber who has great technique as a climbing partner has many advantages. By simply watching them on a wall, you will learn a great amount : watch the way they place their feet, watch when and where they have rests and try to copy their climbing technique. Also ask your buddy observe you climb and evaluate your technique. This is certainly a good thing to do as you might not know a few of your flaws, nor where you need to develop. Generally, I like to bring a climbing partner with more advanced climbing technique than me, it makes sure I become a better climber and increases my level of performance.

3. Strengthen your grip

Despite the fact that bettering your rock climbing techniques‎ is paramount to improving performance levels, you'll find that you should also have a strong grip. There is a range of methods to strengthen your grip and fingers. Two rock climbing gadgets I like to use are the power ball that concentrates on the wrist muscles and hence betters your strength of grip and the gripmaster that concentrates on the fingers.

4. Lose some weight

When we are climbing and bouldering, we are fighting against gravity. The more we weight, harder it becomes to ascend a climbing wall. It may sound completely obvious, but losing a bit of excess weight will make a significant difference to your climbing. Note, if you are already slim, it is a lot more advantageous to concentrate on enhancing your rock climbing techniques compared to shedding two or three pounds.

5. Warm up

It's going to take more time for your hands and feet to warm up compared to the legs and arms. Without warming up slowly, you risk your arms getting an unwelcome pump far too soon which no bouldering techniques will be able to reverse - the session is pretty much over. To prevent this, you should gently ease your muscles in by starting to climb relatively simple bouldering or climbing problems. As well as this, try to rest after each of the problems, and spend 30-45 minutes on warming up prior to you attempting harder problems. This can be frustrating, however, it is a method that really works!

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