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June 01, 2009

"90% of advertising is wasted, but nobody knows which 90%

The world's first Applied Neuroimaging Group is based at the University of Warwick. Research there, led by Professor Gemma Calvert, is revolutionising the understanding of the consumers brain with huge implications for marketing and business development. 

How can neuroscience be applied commercially to research and develop new products and services, improve the effectiveness of communications and boost revenue?

Professor Calvert will reveal more at the Exciting Minds: Business Sense event on 2 July, and you can learn more through the Exciting Minds online space here.

Welcome to Exciting Minds

Writing about web page

Welcome to the Exciting Minds blog.

Exciting Minds is a new format being developed by the University of Warwick to bring together exciting minds from the worlds of business and academia to make exciting things happen. Through an online space, through this blog, and through a programme of events, we're challenging the way that businesses and universities communicate.

Our first event, Business Sense, takes place on 2 July at the University's new International Digital Laboratory. The event is free to attend and we welcome business managers from a a variety of sectors to attend.

Exciting Minds logo"></p><br /> <p>Visit <a href=""</a> to find out more about what we’re up to</p>

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