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January 27, 2006

Abusing the follow up…

Follow-up to fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck from My mind and other oddities...

About 5 mins ago the Captain of the AF team posted on the forum that the game this sunday is at home so I am now officially less stressed as that removes one of my 27 1/2 reasons for being stressed at the moment. I could edit the last post but it was the calmed down version of such a fantastic tirade of fury and tears that I rather fancy leaving it there.

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck

Follow-up to Bad day from My mind and other oddities...

I love singing, don't get me wrong, but now I'm just pissed off. I'm missing the one thing that I was looking forward to all fucking term basically as a favour for some wonderful people and it's not even my "thing" and now when I ask for a break I can't fucking have one. I am so fucking pissed off right now, for anyone who's going to see me, don't talk to me, there's a great chance I might either kill you or cry and snot all over your shoulders.

Bad day

Remembering Lorna's fantastic impressions last night men really are like buses. I mean seriously. Problem being that when two great buses come along which fucking bus am I supposed to choose?!? If anyone has any helpful hints of how to get either one of these buses out of my head (as well as my heart) I'd really appreciate it. Feeling decidedly down and not sure what to do about the whole situation. This would probably be a lot easier if I wasn't a spineless emotionally scarred awkward little girl who matured far far too early.


Plus, my mum hasn't called me about my grandad which is never a good sign. He broke his hip a few days ago and was just out of surgery last time I spoke to anyone in my family but my mum always waits a few days to deliver bad news to make sure I'm not in a depressed mood so she doesn't have to put my friends on suicide watch. It's generally not a good day.

Think I may just be running on sugar and the hope that someone might say something today that I can get really angry at and let it all out. Oh look out world, it's gonna be a hap-hap-happy day.

On another note if anyone calls me a "n00b" again I'm gonna have to kick their sad little "1337" asses. (If you don't know what this means count your lucky stars)

January 20, 2006

Wow blogs are cool

Ok, so never done this before and the colours on the background I picked were insane, just had to have it, but I couldn't read anything so decided to go ahem "grungy" – hahahaha

Right, having never been bullied by anyone to actually get into the whole blogging thing I'm pretty certain that noone wants to know what the hell is going on in my mind, but that's just dandy by me as I don't really want to know either and writing about it might just open my eyes to how dreadfully insane I am and I'd just lose it…..

On that note, first blog is over sighs of relief

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