May 26, 2006


Ok, so I'm copying Lorna with the capital letter title thingy but it got my attention so here goes…

Ok, so as most of you know already I am manic about American Football and I am aware that I am in a minority here. I am also aware that there's Rugby on the telly on Sunday and that it is a Sunday and should be spent in bed but go with me here.

On Sunday at 2.30pm the Coventry Cassidy Jets (your local team for those of you at Warwick) will be playing the Birmingham Bulls at home. This means that one of the most important games of the 2006 season is going to be played on Sunday in the Butts arena in Coventry. The Jets are 14 games undefeated and, having just moved up to Division 1A and played their first game of the season last week (thrashing Staffordshire Surge 39–0 away) they now face the best team in the Division, local rivals Birmingham. Although you might be unaware of it there's a lot of rivalry between Birmingham and Coventry teams so this game is a really important one for the Jets. If they can beat the Bulls they can look forward to more wins this season.

So with that in mind it's important that they get the support they deserve. They should be able to pack out the Butts Arena but they need your help. You may not understand the game, you may not care about American Football, you may think it's Rugby with pads on but don't knock it til you've tried it. This is a game that's making a big comeback in this country and it's your chance to see two of the best teams in the country battle it out. It promises to be a good game, possibly very high scoring and without doubt it's going to be a game that comes right down to the wire, every play is going to matter.

So even if you've never even seen American Football before, if you don't think you could understand it but if you need to get out for a few hours on Sunday, escaping revision or maybe your exams are over get in touch!! You can buy tickets on the Jets website Coventry Cassidy Jets but hopefully there will also be tickets available on the day. Get in touch with me by email if you fancy giving this a try, I'll be getting the bus from Leam and can meet people on Campus or in Cov and I'll explain the rules as we go along if needed.

Tell everyone!!! It's going to be awesome!!! GO JETS!!!

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  1. Stuart Coles

    I second that.

    A fair few of the management / players of the Jets have been involved with the Bulls at some stage, and would really like to put one over their local rivals.

    Also bear in mind that Birmingham are a Div 1 side, and Cov a Div 1A side, so Birmingham go into the game as big favourites and Cov have nothing to lose.

    This has the potential to be one of the biggest & best games of US football seen in this country for some time. Everyone should be there.

    26 May 2006, 13:28

  2. Yay for someone finally agreeing with me! :)

    Good Luck on Sunday.

    27 May 2006, 09:32

  3. Lucy Griffiths

    A little late to comment on this post I know but I just thought I'd say that I went to that game and it was brilliant! Obviously we supported the Jets and they did not disappoint. I went because my boyfriend's work colleague Steve plays in the team and because I'd never been before. I'm not a great fan of sport but I have to say it was very entertaining and once I'd grasped the rules I was cheering them on! The commentry from the crazy lady was also hilarious. When are they next playing at Cov?

    28 Jun 2006, 14:07

  4. It's a shame you didn't contact me sooner, they've just had 2 home games in a row! Check on the website for the dates of the home games – hope to see you at the next one, I'll be camped about half way up the stand on the 45 yard line and my hair makes me kind of distinctive so feel free to come and say hello!!!

    29 Jun 2006, 17:23

  5. Stuart Coles

    The commentry from the crazy lady was also hilarious.

    It also very nearly got the club in trouble. Commentating while the action is taking place is a big no–no.

    30 Jun 2006, 15:38

  6. I can imagine, probably why she wasn't allowed to come back for the last 2 home games. She clearly had no idea about football. I was among a group of hardened football fans who just wanted to go and confiscate the microphone. She knows about as much as the cheerleaders she was with, who, by the way, make me laugh. I know that's cruel but they know nothing about the sport. When a player is down on the field the most respectful thing that a troop can do is not a dance routine. Someone should tell them. I was only a Warwick Devil for about a week and even I know that!

    I do love the competition between the two bands of cheerleaders. It very nearly distracted me from the action last week!

    I'll be there on the 16th, cheering my lungs out as per usual. If you do see the game and you're in need of some testosterone free company please feel free to come find me Lucy!! :)

    01 Jul 2006, 23:09

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