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May 31, 2006


The entry below is why Ellie shouldn't be allowed to be bored. I just re–read the rambling madness that I managed to create earlier today. Oh dear.

Post Exams

Ok, so all this time (the past few months of general hell) I've been looking forward to this week. Honestly. Well, ok, maybe last week, but this week is just the same as last week for me, just bear with me. Ok, so, looking forward to this magical 'after exam' time has been all that I could think about, when I wasn't thinking about isomorphic knots and CG–modules of course. But now that I'm here I'd rather like not to be. I'm so bored. I'm bored out of my tiny little mind. Honest to God I'd rather be studying, not the crazy 'just before finals aaah I've done bugger all all year' studying, but just something. But no. I have nothing. I should be finding a job and, oh yeah, somewhere to live might be an idea too, but they are, quite frankly, dull things to do. I'd rather be learning. Never thought I'd say that after the past three years, least of all this soon after the past three years.

Anyhow, I've been working up to 2 things; the first was the game on sunday, which the Jets won by the way. They kicked the Bulls' asses 27–0. Hahaha!!! Division 1 get their arses kicked right royally by Division 1A team. Hahaha!!! Anyway, the other thing was plucking up the courage to ask Geordie if he would like to do that whole moving in together thing. Anyhow, I did both of these things at the weekend and now I have nothing to do. I've been working on finding somewhere for me, Geordie and the cats but now I just need to find somewhere for me and let him worry about himself following our conversation on Sat and the game is over and the next home game isn't til the 18th June :( I have nothing that I need to work towards. It's really silly because I know I should be applying myself to this whole job thing the way I applied myself to the home game on Sunday but I really can't. It's dull. Real dull.

So anyway, if anyone is reading this and needs to get out and do something suggest something and let me know because, lets face it, I'm not going anywhere. With the exception of the hours of 5–7 on Thursday I have BUGGER ALL TO DO!!! and it's driving me insane.

Ho hum.

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