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March 29, 2006


Played Spin the Bottle?:
Oh dear, yes
Toilet Papered someone's house:
Um, no
Played Poker with money:
No, I have no poker face so nooooo
Gone swimming in a white T-shirt:
Over a swimsuit because I am ginger….
Been tickled so hard you couldn't talk:
Um, with Lorna on this one
Liked someone but never told them:
No, I always say something
Gone camping:
I was a Guide so that's a big fat embarrassing yes
Had a crush on your brother's friend:
Oh dear God no
Walked in the rain without an umbrella:
Yes, in Prague, in summer skirt and sandles
Told a joke that nobody thought was funny:
Oh dear, yes
Been in a talent show:
Started laughing at someone's bedtime:
Worn somthing your mom didn't appove of:
Still do
Been to a nude beach:
Oh Good God NOOOOOO I hate my body
Drunk Jack Daniels:
Yes – eugh!
Cursed in a church:
All the time, sorry!
Been called a slut for kissing someone:
Yes, by my best friend at the time
Burnt yourself with a curling iron/straightner:
Wanted to be a police officer:
Dumped someone:
Been hit on by someone too old:
Wanted to be a model:
Bought lottery tickets:
Made out in a car:
Wanted something you couldn't have:
Yes, plenty
Had sex on the beach:
Not on the beach, something to do I guess as I can't sunbathe….
Had the drink sex on the beach:
Seen someone shoplift:
Not that I recall
Hung up on someone:
Yelled at your pet:
Bought a thong when the cashier was a guy:
Yes, tres embarrassing
Tried to strip when drunk:
Haha, um, yes
Gotten seasick:
Nope, never, pansies
Had a stalker:
Played a prank on somone that had them really scared:
Been embarassed by one of your family:
One? Can we go with all instead?
Felt bad about eating meat:
Hell no
About top-up fees, but I just went because it was a chance to see my friends from home
Been to an island:
We happen to live on one, but that aside, yes
Been in love:
Eaten just because you were bored:
I am doing so right now in fact
Looked at something everybody thought was ugly and said "aww":
No, ugly things are ugly…..only kidding, probably
Screamed in a library:
Made out with a stranger:
Ah, my misspent youth
Been Dumped:
Wished a part of you was different:
Do we have to be specific about one part?
Asked a guy to dance:
Been asked out by a really hot guy:
Laughed so hard you cried:
Yes, wonderful thing
Went up to a complete stranger and started talking:
Oh hell yeah
Been sunburned:
No comment
Kicked a guy in the nuts for being a pervert:
Yes, but before I truly understood the mechanics of all that down there
Threw up in school:
Recieved an anonymous love letter:
Yes, a valentines actually
Had to wear something you hated:
Upon seeing the pics my mother fished out for my birthday I'm gonna go with yes
Been to a luau:
Yes, I threw one in Tooting when my parents were on the beach in Hawaii :(
Saw your ex and wanted to kick his ass:
Haha, did, well tried to, but couldn't stand up so settled for throwing up in KFC instead
Cursed in front of your parents:
Yes, still get a slap for it too
Been in a commerical on tv:
Watched a movie that made you miss your ex:
Everything I watched for 6 months after Matt?
Been out of the country:
Been honked at by some guy when you were walking down the
Won at pool:
Yes, when I was wasted at 3am in a pool hall against Tom – WOO!
Went to a party where you were the ony sober one:
I went for a curry but all the other times I've been the drunk/dancing/stripping/embarrassing one
Went on a diet:
Weightwatchers for 3 months – 10lbs, baby
Been lost out to sea:
Cheated on your bf:
Only a snog, which was drunken, does that count? I'm a good girl really
Been cheated on:
Yes but I don't know to what extent
Tanned topless:
Been attacked by seagulls:
A goat, yes; seagulls, no
Been searched in an airport:
Been on a plane:
Been pants-ed:
If Lorna is infact correct then perhaps when my little brother learned how to do that
Thown a shoe at someone:
Broke someone's heart:
Yes :(
Sung in the shower:
Define singing, my voice seems to sound awful in the shower
Bought something way too expensive:
All the time – and then regret it
Done something really stupid that you still laugh about:
Probably did this weekend :)
Been walked in on when you were dressing:
Ran out of a movie theatre because you were too scared of the movie:
I did sit with my head buried in someone's shoulder for almost all of Ring2 and I had nightmares following screaming out loud (the only idiot to do so in the cinema, I might add) during the Village
Been kicked out of the mall:
At closing time?
Been mean to someone then instantly wanted to take it back:
Been given a detention on the worst day that you could get one:
Done something stupid when you were drunk:
Fell off your roof:
If I did that I'd die, the terraces in Tooting aren't really built for it
Pretended you were scared so you could cuddle up with someone:
Um, maybe…
Had a deer jump in front of your car:
I don't drive but the car infront of my dad did run over a young hog (what is the equivalent of piglet for wild hogs/boars?!?)
Threated someone with a water gun:
I have a water gun in my cupboard in the kitchen, for emergencies, clearly

That was fun, I should do more of these, but I am now out of boredom food – back to the kitchen!! x x

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