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March 11, 2006

Time wastey thingy from Lorna's blog

1. I need some: Alcohol, junk food and all things bad for me

2. Sex: I vaguely remember what that's like…damned hormones

3. Relationships: Are the most important thing a person can have

4. Your Last Ex: Is asleep downstairs :)

5. Power: I'm a woman, a red-head and a williams, you're preaching to the choir

6. Marijuana: Smells a lot

7. Crack: Is more-ish

8. Food: Is fucking awesome, seriously, could eat myself to death

9. The President: Is on a mission from God…apparently…(if someone else said that and killed as many people they'd be locked up)

10. War: Is a frightful business and I hope never to be affected by it directly

11. Car: I know what I want and I know how to get it – soon….

12. Gas Prices: Are indeed ridiculous

13. Halloween: Is a great excuse for me to dust off the goth clothes and march around looking pale and incredibly sexy and leave black make-up on everything :D

14. Politics: Can be interesting but can be awful

15. Religion: Is a waste of time 99% of the time

16. myspace: Is something my brother wastes his time on, promoting his band, I think

17. Worst Fear: Knives/Spiders

18. Marriage: Is great provided you don't go crazy and go getting engaged at 16 :S

19. Fashion: Can be useful, but generally not designed for slightly bumpy pale red-heads with long legs

20. Brunettes: See below


22: Work: I would like some, or just some money without having to do the work thing

23: Pass the time: Sleep, Economics, Maths, Listening to music

24: Football: Is a silly sport. End of.

25. One night stands: Are terrible. End of.

26: Pet Peeve: People who have the ability to be smart but choose not to

27: Pixie Stix: Aren't they those straws full of sherbet?

28: Vanilla Ice: Is silly. End of.

29: Porta Potties: Are the gateways to hell, especially at festivals. And yet, they are also the most wonderful things at 3am in the middle of a cold muddy field

30: High school: Was a wonderful place, although the uniform was a bit crappy

31: Pyjamas: Are the best thing in the history of the world, I am currently sat in mine, which consist of comfy baggy trousers and a British Bulldogs game shirt with no. 75 on it :D

32. Wood: Same as Lorna I'm afraid, so filthy

33. Surfers: Can be cute and ARE NOT ALL STUPID!!!!

34. Pictures: Preserve memories.

35. boyfriend/girlfriend: Andrew Smith, who is wonderful, very understanding, sexy, loving and one of the most amazing people anyone will ever meet.

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