October 28, 2008

I have a Vision

When in the 60s Martin Luther King spoke so passionate about having a dream that would make the United States of America truly united, very few understood the significance of his words. I wouldn't like to talk about the political context, lets focus on  the power a dream can have....

A dream,an aspiration or a goal -although they dont have the exact same meaning- can empower any inividual and offer the strength and inspiration one needs in order to achieve something...

For example, I like to believe that we were all brought here at MBE by an aspiration....Of course not the same one, some are after the experience of studying abroad, others are motivated by the calibre of the University and some would like to add a marketable advantage to their CV...We all have visions of how our future should be and hopefully with a little help from our MSc we will be a breath closer to our dreams.

The reason I am writing this is because I think it is connected with what Paul was saying last weak - yes,  I know I am late, still struggling with time management i am afraid-  about how critical it is for an organisation to  have a vision.

I  was thinking about it all the time and then I suddenly realised why it makes sense. A vision is the motivation you need in order to reach somewhere. But in a company you never work solo...You are part of a team, not just your team...HR, PR or Marketing. The whole organisation is a team and it is necessary for them to share and support the vision. But if you expect from someone to support a vision you have to give them the opportunity to contribute to it!

Not many companies have succeeded in this which means it must be pretty difficult...I think there comes a time when you as a CEO or a manager or even as     when you decide if you are going to perceive the employees as pons trained to execute orders. The choice is there....are the people working for you or with you?

Finally, I feel I would like to give an example...it might be inappropriate because it could be a matter of brilliant marketing...Anyway, I was thinking of Benetton -the clothing company- their combine good quality at affordable price. But they are not just selling clothes!They are making a point! Just look at the photos below....

photo        photo

Their vision  could be about making a difference. What I think is interesting is that their are making the customer part of they are saying...You feel you are cintributing in a way...

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  1. King Martin Luther did bring about a lot of change in the US…...I have seen some parts of his speech….He seemed like a God sent Angel…...It was extremely sad that he was murdered…...

    01 Nov 2008, 21:33

  2. Obama , Yes You Can! Have you seen his first speech as president elect….oh my god it’s so damn inspirational that it gave me shivers

    06 Nov 2008, 00:36

  3. Hi Lila, considering this blog along side your one on leadership is interesting, whilst we all dream, perhaps true leaders turn their dreams into reality?...

    03 Dec 2008, 21:51

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