December 06, 2008

End of LE

As the module has come to an end and i am trying to be reflective about what took place over these past two weeks, i realise that i dont know much about leadership...

I mean...

Yes, i can talk about its meaning, analyse the features a leader ought to have, debate whether leader is born or made, and all sorts of other interesting things but does this subject close here, and can anyone honestly say that he or she has leaned everything there is to know about leadership...?

I dont think so, and i feel that the beauty of this subject lies in exactly cant learn everything in 2 weeks..that's not the point...

In a way, it is impossible to truly learn what leadership is even throuout a lifetime...As u move on u taste a piece, and then another...and so on..

For me an urge to learn more about leadership has been created...And not just read, but actively experience what is leadership and what leaders have to do...At least we experienced some of that in the module

Having the opportunity to lead and most importatbly experiecing what a good follower is, mihght be the most important elements of this module...

What I got out of hundreds of thoughts about values, skills and behaviours that define the person u will be in your team.. 

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  1. If you remember there was no many different definitions about leadership from different people and each team came up with a different definition. I completely agree with you that no one has the perfect answer as to how to lead or the exact number of skills required. The beauty of this course is to explore yourself and find out whats needed…..

    There are some really good guidelines that we got out of the course for example

    leadership is a function of (leader characteristics, group members, situation)

    07 Dec 2008, 19:50

  2. Paul Roberts

    A good reflection on the module Lila, and you may wish to extend this to the whole course. Is it possible to learn all there is to learn about any topic in a year? Your quest for understanding business excellence will hopefully continue for as many years as you remain interested in the topic and putting your knowledge into practice. Thus, the aim of the course or any module is not to attempt to teach you all that there is to know, but to open a window of awareness about the subject that may not have existed before; to excite your interest and motivation to learn more, and to understand that no matter how much you may know about a topic, there is always more to learn…

    15 May 2009, 11:02

  3. Yes Paul I think you are totally right~ And this realisation should come obvious to people doing their Lit review for project. It is quite impossible to absolutely read everything thats been written on your topic. But hoepfully, you will become more interested in a particular area that you may wish to develop a career in (or on?) :)

    30 Jul 2009, 17:04

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