November 30, 2009

This World we live in

Hello guys, first and foremost i would love to start by welcoming you to ma blog......

I want to imagine that we live in a world that is made up of completely different people, diverse cultures, different races and backgrounds e.t.c. but then there are still fundamental issues or ways that are common to everyone. Take for example the fact that everyone gets hungry or also importantly, most people are faced with diverse challenges and obstacles.

Being faced with various trials and challenges dates back to as far back as five to six days to the creation or existence of the firstman which we all know must have been ages and stone ages ago!

God was faced with the challenge of making the world a better place, as in give the shapeless and void world some level of rigidity. Even our Lord Jesus christ faced the challenges of hunger, thirst , tiredness and most probably mosquito bites, but this was a challenge that he overcame.

Someone is probably wondering where i am heading with all these.... yea i kno you dont know where this is heading, but i learnt that all u need to be moving is to be still on a moving train, so just chill and open up ur hearts now...

Jesus Christ who was the son of God was able to overcome because he chose to stay fully connected to the source, not forgeting that the holy book says we are also connected to this same source because we are made to understand that we are heirs of this throne as well as joint heirs of the son as we are children of God and as such  we have been equipped and empowered with all we need.

He turned water to wine at the wedding. Before he did this, he was told that there was a challenge but then he was neither faced or afraid but rather, out of his COURAGE (which comes from understanding who he is first and who his father is) he was able to stand. The Holybook beseeches us that we must constantly be strong and courageous and dare to take bold steps rather be fazed, chickened or bamboozled......One should remember that this father of ours never sleeps nor slumbers n tells that all d day of our lives, there shall none(nothing + no-one) be able to stand against thee all d days of ou lives!!!! i beseech us to reach out more to people and show some care, reminding them of all the hope that the challenges of life has now robbed from them........2 b continued!!!

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