October 04, 2004

Hi japouli

I miss you very much!!!!! Emmmmmmm….....how about my blog? I have some interesting ideas concerning the construction of my blog, but for the time being koimame kai ksipnao me ti fatsa tou Kinezou!!!!!!!!!!

Love and

October 02, 2004

Hello there

Welcome to Stathi's blog!!!!
Basically this webpage is under construction, so please be a bit tolerant with me! I will be constructing this blog gradually throughout this academic year, until next September. As you may have already unserstood I am a postgraduate student in the University of Warwick, reading for an MSc in Economics. Unfortunately for the time being I have to catch up with my Maths lecturer (he is going realy fast!!!!) and study some maths such as contrained-unconstrained otpimization, matrices, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, differential equations etc… The situation is currently horrible!!!!!!!!!!Not to mention Econometrics B, Micro, Macro etc…..........

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