August 25, 2005

4. Summer Holiday


Been home for a month now, enjoying it. Except not sure what to do with myself. At least at uni you've got an aim for every week.

Working, hmm wished i got a more full time job, spent a week at next, boring job! The same 10 song are on repeat all the time. Painful. Better get paid all my hours. Then to put the icing on the cake they cut my hours. Last in First out principle.

Nieces are great, looked after them last night.

At the mo im deciding if i should get another kite, just a crappy one to use at the beach, hmm. Plan to spend about £20. Wonder if i can stick to that!

Going on holiday next saturday, should be good. Going with jess's dads side of the family. Apparently im going to either drown, die from intoxicating fumes, fall off rocks, or die flying 10ft in the air. If im lucky i'll just be sick in the back of jess's dads van.

Well til next time.

March 26, 2005

3. Easter term

Hey all.

Home at the mo for easter
Done some awesome stuff so far.

Prague with photosoc, absolutely amazing. Had such a big smile on my face all the time. And thanx to Kat for letting me sleep on her floor.

But the story before i went is unforgetable. The exec of photosoc were busy as hell over the last week. Especially Clive who had a large part of his final degree to hand in. So i took alot of the workload on to help them out.

  • Thursday night i had to do my 'model dragster' work started about 4.30 til 6.
  • Then from 6 i did the photo shot for animal farm finished at 7.40.
  • Put a shirt on, and went straight out to harry and lauras bday meal.
  • Stayed out til 2.30 in the litten tree.
  • Did some changes to the animal farm photos, went to bed at 3.30.
  • Got up at 8.30 to finish them off, finish the model dragster work and start to pack up my room.
  • Finished it all off by 1. So pauls mum and dad could take my stuff home for me. Thanx so much to them, they're Awesome.
  • handed in the CD for animal farm.
    Packed up my stuff for prague, then went to the 'Red Nose Day' party. Stayed there til 2, then had to get up for 7 to fly to prague. Madness!!!

Yesterday was my nieces 'Welcoming Ceremony' like a christening but not before christ. I read out a poem, it brought a tear to everyones eye including the registra.
Got V.Drunk indeed, no sick or anything just headaches.

Well hope the rest of my easter is as awesome as the beginning.

November 22, 2004

2. Pre Top B

Hey Again,
Second blog, took my time.

Just a reminder to myself, A few San Miguel Cans so far, im on the purples tonight.
Plan to go see paul in the cloakroom about 11.30

Got him here right now, havent really kept in touch with the people from home who came here.
SO all thoses who i havent seen HEY!!

To the people of top floor Rootes. I love u all!


Good luck to Luke in trying to do the Chris and Luke radio show my himself.

Going to TopB now, cant wait.(used to hate it, but now its not so bad, excuse to get drunk on a monday night)


October 12, 2004

1. in the beginning

Suppose there's a first time for everything
told it was a good idea to make a blog. No idea why

Im sure i'll understand one day.

Since ive been here what have i done.

  • Drunk loads
  • And then some more
  • Found how difficult it is to walk back from tescos with a load of beer and food for a week
  • That the union isnt that cheap, thought it would.
  • How not to get your finances sorted out
  • Thats books are really really expensive, well my ones anyway, spent 140 on 4 books. CRAZY
  • Gone home and to my uncles
  • Found how useful it is to get a young persons railcard
  • Spent 42 getting home and 12 to my uncles, not good.

Been able to cope with the workload so far, dont know about anyone else.
Just had brick breaking, interesting. not much to say about it really. Turned up measured a brick then broke it.

I dont have a lecture until 2 so i'm going back to bed.

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