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December 18, 2004

Bored yet got TOOOOO much to do!

Too little sleep but that doesn't matter! The load of work I have got to do seems endless as the day start! As the day finish I thought tomorrow will be a restful day but the IN pile certainly do pile up over the hours I sleep! Trying to look my best while being souless… Living in this cultureless and shallow I am affected by it! Words doesn't seem to flow any more just lack of ablity to feel

Goodness gracious…......... Want to hide

December 13, 2004

Earth's Halo

As I stare into the Yangtze delta of China and attempt to look upside down of the world. A spectacular view just appeared in my face. During the summer holidays I went to Miami for a short week with the Atlantic Ocean a few foot step away and a balcony that overlooks the vast ocean the blue just mesmerise me, just as this blue sky with this layer of white haze clouds hovering over earth making is glow like a halo. The small window from my seat make it seems like how everyone picture heaven. It is beautiful but a photo would not mean much it is the feeling. The over-whelming feeling of the beauty at our door step that we often take for granted.

Long–haul blues

13 hours stuck in one seat. Trying to keep yourself amused and not bored. Listening to music or hearing each tap as you type on your keyboard just waiting for another minute, another hour to pass on this journey to “I don’t really exist” world. Watching films, typing, listen to music, reading a book, playing solitaire. Yet another too long journey trying to not get bored or sorrow to overwhelm me. Oh how much I love my life.

Now watching too many films on flight realising how the world just follow each other… round and round in a circle. One person copy other, the other being copied by another. The circle goes around and round.

Self check-in service. I attempted as I was that willing to queue the queue with 100 odd people all trying to get to the counters. The machine wouldn’t let me because apparently (an unwritten rule) that you can use the self check-in for long-haul flight. Though I think the woman trying to encourage people to use self check-in service admired my adventurous attitude towards new technology that she checked me in there and there (not using the self check-in machine). Saving me to queue for an hour at terminal one. At Heathrow airport!

As I land onto this cultureless city due to too many cultures all at the same place and nothing is really taken seriously. I was a game work or roads and cars. I felt like I am 5 years old receiving my present which is model cars and racks. It all seem so surreal. Cultureless life for 3 weeks…. Excited! NOT.

December 11, 2004

Eyes Lies and Illusions

Have I turned into an actor in Sex in the City or was I dreaming…?

I went to see “Eyes Lies and Illusions” exhibition today with Harriet (an old friend of mine) which was SOMETHING special. Obviously can’t be as special as the power flying system or the drum of the Olivier Theatre at the National Theatre which unfortunately due to Health and Safety reason we were not allow to visit there at our backstage tour of the National Theatre.

Going to an exhibition with Harriet can always be fun. This exhibition has lots of rooms and activities you can do. We were passing a room with a black and white floor and a pinhole to look through. It takes 3 people to achieve what it was designed to do and there only two of us. There was this well-dressed good-looking guy wondering on his own helping us out with is ‘experiment’. Thereafter we seem to be following each other around the whole exhibition considering the number of rooms and floors there were involved. Consistently Harriet and I found ourselves in a dark room with him. “Weird but nice!” He was so cute that we felt like it was similar to being in an episode of Sex In The City rather than being in real life. He seemed to be quite a gentleman!

If I were to live that moment again I think I would have reacted differently! Though I certainly didn’t regret it!


His Dark Materials

Oh what a FABULOUS show! The stage, the lighting, the sound, the actors, the costumes, the puppets, the acting, the flying, the tech crew, the EVERYTHING was fabulous apart from minor sightline problems.

His Dark Materials is a Philip Pullman’s trilogy “Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass”. The staged version has spitted this awesome trilogy into two 3-hours parts. The stage apart from awesome it has a rotating drum and a rotating circle around the drum. The amount of time the drum take to revolve or the circle could rotate 180 degrees or the power flying system could moves its hooks forward and downwards, or a half drum to rise up to take the full stage!

The have the TOP-class actors there. The puppets were awesome. The spins showed flexibility and the heads looked so real. The cloth which is so loosely mounted onto the frame but it felt so real.

Definitely a MUST-watch production. Only downfall was it been 6 hours long!


As I was waiting for half an hour for the never-quite-on-time Jane this was my view— a miserable winter morning of South Bank:

December 03, 2004

End of term 1

Time has surely flown by.

Been out dancing all night… Latin and ballroom with this week's special of Tango and Rumba then a Christmas special of Mayfair quicksteps. Eat. Then up for a little more dancing… free styling Salsa doing both guys and gals steps… which was WERID— meaning after a few drinks and you have forgotten which foot to start which hand to use when you are switching between leading and being led! Awesome fun though! People to dance with (that ALWAYS make me happy!) :>
I just enjoy spreading the love of salsa. Anyone who hadn't try before, they SO should! It is NOTHING scary, just an expression of emotion. :>

The thing is that you can always salsa ALL night due to the varieties it allows whereas mind-numbing head bobbing body shaking all night just does not quite appeal to me!

Happy dancing…

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